fine art.

There are days when Almighty helps to consummate those little trivial novel longings we nurture in the back of our hearts. Yesterday was such a day. I’ve had a little wish to have paintings from an original artist rather than getting something online that’s printed in thousands and does not have the distinctiveness and grace of a painting prepared exclusively by a real artist. That has a personality of its own in comparison with a computerized print head churning out several paintings and drawings in a batch out of a printing facility. Not only that, the rawness of the color palettes used and the depth is truly profound if we have an eye to appreciate it.  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have some original fine art from Karolina Nowak Konieczna, an art historian and painter, originally from Poland. Me and Netta met her yesterday and collected a few paintings that we really liked. She was really kind and showed us a lot of her other artworks as well which were truly remarkable. Reading from this exhibition page, Karolina Nowak-Konieczna is an Art historian and painter, held exhibitions in Poland and Germany, currently, her works are shown in several galleries. The works depict stories of contemplative character, dream-like states, full of metaphors, emotion, not easy to decipher. The painted images are created through a meticulous process and the finer details are comprised of small dots. Karolina’s paintings are made for those who are searching for something more in art than only a faithful depiction of reality.

Above painting is “Golden coat” (Source: Galleria)

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