Lacuna refers to an unfilled gap. I’m extending it to the scenario now wherein I’m back here in this space from a considerably long hiatus. I was actually moving my home to a different place and was rebooting myself as well. For me, I need that calmness and serenity to write/work on art-related stuff. The obvious chaos ensued from a house shift had to settle itself down. Netta and myself had been pondering a lot on moving to a new space. The earlier space that we’ve been living is an area that I’ve been in for around a decade or so. The new place is also in the periphery of the same area, but there’s a different vibe out here. Loving every aspect of it so far. This blog as it has been ever so still continues to be a book or a toolbox of intuition and spontaneity. This has been in chase of the mind wandering soul that I’m.

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