Lantern in the clouds


The quality of this photograph is not in line with the usual standards that we look up to, but I wanted to record this beautiful moment that I experienced at night. The room that we sleep in has these glass panes on one side of the wall. It allows us to gaze at the sky when we lie down and the usual pastimes include wondering at the cloud patterns forming or to count the number of flights passing through. (We live somewhat near to the airport). One night, the moon was full and it was flourishing on the clouds and Netta woke me up to show this. Although the photograph couldn’t even capture one-hundredth of the magnificence of this frame, I vibrantly remember the view.

..“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.”

― Galileo Galilei,

The Starry Messenger, Venice 1610: “From Doubt to Astonishment”

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