a little fragile

In the vast canvas of the horizon, little Ehan stands in wonder, his imagination as boundless as the ocean before him. Here, against the embrace of the sea and sky, his dreams set sail on the infinite blue.

Have you ever noticed how life can flip in the blink of an eye? Think about it: One day, you’re in your usual grind, and the next, you’re stepping through a door that just appeared out of nowhere, leading you to places you’ve never imagined.

It’s wild, right? Consider this: a regular day is unfolding, just another turn of the earth on its axis, and then—a call, a message, a glance. Suddenly, the ‘you’ that you’ve known is donning new colors, hues of a life you’re just getting to know.

And it’s not always the big headline stuff. It’s in the quiet moments, too. A conversation with a stranger on a bus, a line from a movie, or a random act of kindness from someone who doesn’t know your story. These things can hit you like a gentle wave, but the ripples they leave behind can change the course of your river. I’ve experienced fragility on an intense level within when I had a hospitalization episode a few years back.

We’re all a little fragile, and that’s okay. It’s what makes us capable of change. We’re these incredible beings made up of moments—moments that hold the power to redefine who we are and what we can become.

So here’s to the unexpected twists, to the surprises that life throws our way, and to the beauty of becoming. Because who knows what the next tick of the clock holds? It might just be the moment that turns your life into a story worth telling.

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