the art of action

Capturing the electrifying journey of ideas from concept to consciousness, this illustration vividly portrays ‘The Border of a Mind’ as a conduit of inspiration, where thoughts are rewired and dreams are powered into reality.

Ah, it’s you again with me, gather ’round and let me spin you a tale of our everyday odyssey, from the land of longing to the realm of doing. It’s a curious journey, isn’t it? How we often find ourselves perched on the edge of desire, gazing longingly at the vast expanse of action yet unable to take that leap. Picture this: you’re standing at the river’s edge, toes curling in the damp earth, staring across the water. That’s our lives, isn’t it? Brimming with dreams and to-dos, but oh, that river of uncertainty! It swirls and eddies, whispering tales of doubt and fear. “What if I’m not ready?” we ask the wind. “What if I tumble and fall?” Take, for instance, that task you’ve been dodging, much like a cat sidesteps a puddle. It’s a beast, shrouded in a fog of uncertainty. Every time you near it, the fog thickens, and you retreat. But ah, when you finally wrestle it to the ground, it turns out to be a kitten, not a tiger. And you laugh, wondering why you danced this strange tango of delay. Or consider that project, a seed planted in the fertile soil of your mind, craving sunlight but shaded by excuses. “It’s not the right time,” you whisper to the seed, as days turn to weeks. It’s a tango with the unknown, a delicate jump outside your comfort zone. And then, there’s the coach, the guiding star you yearn to reach out to. But hesitation wraps around you like a cloak. Questions buzz like bees in your head, “Am I good enough? Will I blossom or wither?” Such indecision, my dear, is a thief in the night, stealing your dreams while you slumber in doubt. Now, let’s talk about what anchors us in this harbor of hesitation. It’s the trio of trepidation: uncertainty, the unknown, and their shadowy companion, fear. These specters haunt our steps, whispering tales of what might (or might not) be. But, here’s the twist in the tale: stepping into the unknown, that’s where the magic happens. It’s like diving into a river, not knowing how deep it is, but finding out you can swim – and oh, how you can swim! So, how do we leap into this river of action? It’s simple, yet as profound as the stars:

  1. Intention. Set your sails. Decide to respond with action rather than sitting with stagnation.
  2. Embrace the storm. Feel that fear, that uncertainty. It’s part of you, but it doesn’t define you. Can you hold it, understand it, love it?
  3. Ask your heart. What do you truly desire? Is this the song you want to sing, the story you want to tell?
  4. Take a step, however small. Remember, even the longest journey begins with a single step.
  5. Find the joy. How can this action be your festival, your fireworks, your flight?

The more we practice this art of action, the more adept we become. Action clears the cobwebs, opens the windows, lets the sunlight in.

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