I’ve lately pondered on it on doing a course. There’s a myth that to achieve greatness, we must specialize intensely in one singular pursuit. But what if the path to creative genius blossoms from embracing our infinite multiplicity? Look at polymaths like da Vinci who bridged art and science. Or consider nature’s complexity – a masterwork catalyzed by an interplay of forces. When shaped by cross-disciplinary influences, sparks of insight start flying. Solutions become metaphors unlocking new vistas in other domains. We cultivate a beginner’s mind transcending over-specialized blinders. By developing a broad range of talents and curiosities, we become renaissance thinkers synthesizing holistic visions. We dissolve boundaries between art and science, work and play – allowing our whole beings to fuse in the ultimate creativity vibe. The greatest innovations arise from making novel connections across disciplines. Specialization has its place, but multipotentiality is where genius is born.

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