being invited to a child’s world

I recently read that here’s something truly enchanting about being invited into a child’s world. I am in that brief fleeting span of my life now where I am blessed to have my 3 year old around. A child’s world is truly beautiful. It’s a realm where imagination reigns supreme, unbound by adult logic or real-world constraints. In this magical space, teddy bears spring to life, cardboard boxes transform into intergalactic spaceships, and ordinary cups hold mysterious potions with extraordinary powers. The way children perceive their surroundings is refreshingly honest and open, filled with endless possibilities that adults often overlook. Their unbridled curiosity leads to questions that can challenge our own understanding of the world, making us reconsider things we’ve long taken for granted. Childhood is a fleeting period, a brief window where reality and fantasy intertwine seamlessly. Colors seem brighter, adventures more thrilling, and everyday objects hold infinite potential. Time moves differently here – a few minutes can stretch into hours of imaginative play, while entire afternoons slip by in the blink of an eye. Those precious moments spent in a child’s world can be surprisingly freeing. They offer a chance to see life through a different lens, reminding us of the wonder we once felt at simple discoveries. In this space, creativity flourishes, unhampered by practicality or skepticism. While we can’t remain in this world forever, these glimpses into childhood’s vibrant imagination can leave lasting impressions, rekindling our own sense of wonder and possibility.


In a world of artificial boundaries and constructs, we often seal ourselves into limiting identities – daughter/son, employee, citizen. Yet could our attachment to these conceptual molds be obstructing the full blossoming of our most vibrant, dynamically flowing selfhoods? When we cling to fixed roles or self-definitions, we cut ourselves off from the infinite patterns, energies, and potentials that we truly are. Like static photographs, we compress our multidimensional beings into two-dimensional caricatures. True freedom arises when we allow ourselves to shapeshift in perpetual reinvention – honoring the myriad horizons, archetypes, and territories that coexist within our psyches. We become shapeshifters, fluidly traversing all that we’ve collectively dreamed into being across myriad lifetimes.

the perpetual hustle

In our productivity-obsessed era, we treat busyness as a badge of honor. Yet could this cultural veneration of perpetual hustle be blinding us to the reasons we’re so frantically trying to outrun ourselves? So often, our ceaseless doing merely covers for an unwillingness to sit with the existential angst catalyzing our restlessness. We drown out the whisperings prompting us towards deeper self-inquiry with a deafening litany of tasks and distractions. But no amount of achievement can ever satiate the soul’s longing for profound meaning, intimacy and homecoming. These soulful yearnings can only be met by courting the very stillness we habitually flee from. It’s within the spacious pauses between our roles and appointments that we seamlessly unfurl into our most liberated altogetherness. Resting in sheer beingness, our obsessive human-doings spontaneously alchemize into simple, compassionate, joyfully integrated beings.

letting souls touch

The old man sat on his porch, rocking gently. He watched the neighbor boy dash across the street, shouting to a friend. “You know,” he said to me, “folks don’t listen much anymore.” I waited, sensing more to come. “They’re all wrapped up in their own stories,” he continued. “Can’t hear past ’em.” His eyes crinkled at the corners as he looked at me. “But you, you’re different. You’ve got curious ears.” I smiled, unsure what he meant. “Curious ears,” he repeated. “They don’t just hear words. They reach for the truth hiding behind ’em.” He paused, considering. “It’s not always easy. Sometimes the truth bites. But it’s worth it.” The neighbor boy laughed, a clear sound cutting through the evening air. “That’s the thing about honest talk,” the old man said softly. “It lets two souls touch, just for a moment.” He fell silent then, and we sat, listening to the crickets begin their nightly song.

little bits of wonder

Not sure if you have thought about it. Have you ever noticed how a simple song can brighten your day? Or how a few lines or theme from an Instagram reel can stick with you for hours? It’s funny how these little brushes with beauty can sneak up on us, isn’t it? I was thinking about this the other day – how we’re all rushing around, juggling a million things. But then you catch a glimpse of a stunning photograph or overhear a snippet of music, and suddenly everything slows down for a moment. It’s not about being an art expert or anything. It’s just about letting yourself soak in those little bits of wonder when they pop up. Maybe it’s the way sunlight hits your coffee mug or a phrase in a book that makes you pause (may be my blog : ) ). These moments, they’re like little reminders of how amazing and creative we humans can be. They connect us, you know? To each other, to something bigger than ourselves. Pretty cool when you think about it, right?

design language

Everywhere we look, there are self-evident signs that our existence is not a cosmic accident, but rather the product of a magnificent design. The complex coded instructions within every DNA molecule. The perfectly tuned universal constants that allow life. The mathematical preciseness underlying natural patterns. The irreducible complexity and interdependent symbiosis within ecological systems. All of it points undeniably to a Supreme Intelligence behind existence itself. To ponder the intricate artistry and order throughout this universe, then conclude it all spontaneously arose by random chance, defies rational logic. For those willing to humble themselves and genuinely reflect, the natural world screams out the reality of its Maker in its very design language. We need only open our hearts to witnessing the obvious.

larger reality

This is one of my most loved topics to write. I’ve written a long format piece if you’d like to read it now. Our limited senses perceive a mere tiny fraction of the larger reality unfolding all around us. We are blinded to the unseen cosmic choreographies and hidden dimensions existing beyond our sensory reach. From subatomic particles in frenzy to galaxies whirling at staggering speeds, there is a breathtaking metaphysical show happening that we cannot directly witness. Our eyes and ears restrict us to a boxed-in material scope, while the bigger spiritual truths remain obscured. Only by expanding our perception through intellect and deep contemplation can we part the veil to unveil the fuller realities our senses were never meant to capture alone. An entire transcendent existence awaits those who dare reach beyond the sensory deceptions.

boundless manifestors

Our culture often celebrates coding ninjas, entrepreneurs and so on for obsessively pursuing their singular passion. But what if the path of greatest fulfillment lies in nurturing a portfolio of potentials rather than hinging our entire identity on one role? When we embrace our multidimensionality as creative beings, we open to an ever-renewing wellspring of vitality and inspiration. We flow seamlessly between diverse talents and curiosities without getting rigid or stagnant in one box. Like a vibrant ecosystem, our lives thrive through cross-pollination and symbiosis between varied interests and ways of being. Each expression becomes fertile soil nourishing new growth in another arena of our flourishing. Rather than frantic specialization, the master key is integration – yoking all our loves into one harmonic convergence. For it is in celebrating our plurality as infinite potentials that we unlock our quintessential genius as boundless manifestors.

mind of dynamic explorers

We often believe our thoughts and perspectives represent objective reality. Yet what if our inner narratives are more like shifting clouds reflecting back our personal histories, cultural programming, and neurological filters? Each of us experiences the same event through drastically different lenses shaped by our unique backgrounds and belief systems. What feels unquestionably true for one person may seem outlandish or impossible to another. Instead of stubbornly clinging to our versions as absolute facts, a wiser approach is to hold our views lightly. To stay open-minded and curious about other vantage points that expand our vision beyond the blinders of our own limited apertures. When we recognize that none of us has a monopoly on truth, we become more receptive to diverse perspectives. We evolve from know-it-alls to dynamic explorers co-creating richer understandings through the interplay of our collective experiences and meanings.

pursuit of becoming

We’re taught that the path to happiness is paved with achievements, acquisitions and checking boxes until we’ve “made it.” Yet could this dogged pursuit of some future arrival be obstructing our ability to feel fully alive in the here and now ? After all, every destination inevitably dissolves into a new departure point once reached. The goalpost perpetually moves, leaving us striving yet again for something else to make us whole. What if we stopped postponing our gratification and entrusting it to some illusive “there”? What if we reconnected with the beauty and magic of the ordinary, unadorned moments that make up the waking dream of our daily existence? In doing so, we realize the greatest prosperities have been here all along – the simple grace of breath, the affectionate gaze of a loved one, the simple brilliance of a sunrise. When we attune to these perennial marvels, life’s richness multiplicities in ways no pursuit of becoming could ever match.