the perpetual hustle

In our productivity-obsessed era, we treat busyness as a badge of honor. Yet could this cultural veneration of perpetual hustle be blinding us to the reasons we’re so frantically trying to outrun ourselves? So often, our ceaseless doing merely covers for an unwillingness to sit with the existential angst catalyzing our restlessness. We drown out the whisperings prompting us towards deeper self-inquiry with a deafening litany of tasks and distractions. But no amount of achievement can ever satiate the soul’s longing for profound meaning, intimacy and homecoming. These soulful yearnings can only be met by courting the very stillness we habitually flee from. It’s within the spacious pauses between our roles and appointments that we seamlessly unfurl into our most liberated altogetherness. Resting in sheer beingness, our obsessive human-doings spontaneously alchemize into simple, compassionate, joyfully integrated beings.

larger reality

This is one of my most loved topics to write. I’ve written a long format piece if you’d like to read it now. Our limited senses perceive a mere tiny fraction of the larger reality unfolding all around us. We are blinded to the unseen cosmic choreographies and hidden dimensions existing beyond our sensory reach. From subatomic particles in frenzy to galaxies whirling at staggering speeds, there is a breathtaking metaphysical show happening that we cannot directly witness. Our eyes and ears restrict us to a boxed-in material scope, while the bigger spiritual truths remain obscured. Only by expanding our perception through intellect and deep contemplation can we part the veil to unveil the fuller realities our senses were never meant to capture alone. An entire transcendent existence awaits those who dare reach beyond the sensory deceptions.


I’ve lately pondered on it on doing a course. There’s a myth that to achieve greatness, we must specialize intensely in one singular pursuit. But what if the path to creative genius blossoms from embracing our infinite multiplicity? Look at polymaths like da Vinci who bridged art and science. Or consider nature’s complexity – a masterwork catalyzed by an interplay of forces. When shaped by cross-disciplinary influences, sparks of insight start flying. Solutions become metaphors unlocking new vistas in other domains. We cultivate a beginner’s mind transcending over-specialized blinders. By developing a broad range of talents and curiosities, we become renaissance thinkers synthesizing holistic visions. We dissolve boundaries between art and science, work and play – allowing our whole beings to fuse in the ultimate creativity vibe. The greatest innovations arise from making novel connections across disciplines. Specialization has its place, but multipotentiality is where genius is born.

rebuild the bedrock

At first, real learning feels like hearing things your ears just aren’t ready for. The surface level of it , you know, is taking in new information that catches you off guard. But the true core of learning goes deeper than that. It means opening your ears to hear stuff you flat out don’t want to hear. Stuff that challenges your fixed beliefs and makes you uncomfortable. On the surface, learning starts by stretching your mind to understand concepts it hasn’t grasped before. There’s a jolt in realizing how limited your existing knowledge is. But the hard part is allowing lessons to penetrate far enough to shift your entire worldview. That requires humility to accept you’ve had it wrong on some fundamental level this whole time. Surface learning expands what you know. Deep learning rebuilds the bedrock of how you know it. One is extending your mental canvas. The other is reshaping the canvas entirely. The first feels like having your ears opened. The latter is like having them forced open against your ego’s resistance. Embracing that painful growth separates those who rid themselves of ignorance from those who stay stuck recycling the same half-truths.

a serene shelter of words

I have always thought of this writing space as a beautiful sanctuary that I am building for you to rest and read. The routines we have, can feel like a tempest at times – a ceaseless barrage of demands, distractions and urgencies swirling around us. We get buffeted by the incessant winds of work, family obligations, digital overstimulation and our own swirling thoughts. It’s so easy to get swept up in the frenzy and lose touch with any sense of inner calm or groundedness. In the midst of this storm, we desperately need a place of shelter and reprieve – a quiet inner sanctuary where we can take refuge, settle our beings, and rediscover the peace that is our true essence. Just like a snow globe, we require the ability to remove ourselves from the swirling turbulence outside and let the flurries gently come to rest so we can regain clarity.This metaphorical sanctuary is a place already within us, no further away than our next conscious breath. It is the still, silent space of pure awareness that lies beneath the choppy surface of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. A realm of vast, uncluttered presence that is our true abode.To access this inner sanctuary, we must become like skilled navigators or surferapists, riding the perpetual waves of experience without getting overtaken by them.

Rather than flailing against the rolling tides of thoughts, emotions and cravings, we learn to witness them arising and passing away, without judging, grasping or submerging into their undertow.Imagine yourself an old sea captain who has spent a lifetime riding out storms on the vast ocean. You have learned to read the patterns in the roiling winds and cresting waves. You know better than to blindly fight against their power or wish them away. Instead, you skillfully adjust your vessel’s sails and rudder, riding up and over the swells, allowing each rolling surge to sweep underneath as you remain centered and unperturbed.In this way, you cultivate a deep inner refuge – a place of unshakable poise and equilibrium no matter how wild the squalls become on the surface. From this space, you can take wise and grounded action, while never allowing the turbulence to unseat you from your core of abiding serenity.With practice, this sanctuary becomes a waking refuge we can enter anytime, day or night, no matter the external circumstances. A quiet fortress compound within our own being where the rampant monkeys of compulsion and restlessness are dethroned, and we are liberated into the open, spacious awareness that is our deepest nature.

From this liberated interior, we gain a grounded clarity and sovereignty over our lives. We become like still, unruffled pools reflecting the moon – able to bear witness to the magnificent dramas playing out across the waters, while remaining rooted to our essence as the depths beneath. Problems and difficulties no longer appear as crises to reactively combust over, but rather as emblematic waves to wakefully navigate with wisdom and aplomb.. The endless gyres of experience can churn as intensely as they may, but they cannot shake us loose from our moorings to the bedrock of serene being. For in reclaiming this inner sanctuary again and again, we awaken to our ultimate nature as life’s very cradle of stillness itself.

existential mystery

What is the most profound, eternally consequential question that has puzzled the greatest minds and philosophers throughout human history? What existential mystery remains despite our exponential scientific progress? The biggest unsolved mystery of all is the fundamental question of why we exist at all. Think about it. All our intellectual energies are devoted to unraveling the riddles of this physical universe – investigating its origins, its makings, its laws and properties. But we rarely stop to ponder the much bigger existential mystery staring us in the face: Why is there a universe in the first place? What existential necessity or driving force initiated this unfathomably vast cosmos full of galaxies, energy, space, and time from mere nothingness? How and why did everything come into being rather than just never existing at all?

Science can describe amazingly well what the universe is comprised of and how its mechanics operate. But it cannot answer why the universe itself exists to study in the first place. That is a puzzle that transcends the scientific domain into the realm of pure philosophy and spirituality. Even our most accomplished astrophysicists and cosmologists admit bewilderment at this most profound question. The physical laws and evidence merely trace back to a cosmic starting point of extreme density, but not the metaphysical first cause or mover behind it all. The only way to find a logically coherent answer to this supreme enigma is through the practice of deep thinking and spiritual contemplation. For the signs are everywhere that our existence is not a mere fluke, but a phenomenon meticulously brought into being by a supreme being who transcends space and time. As you look around at the extraordinary complexities of this world, does it make any rational sense that it all spontaneously erupted into perfect order from absolute nothingness by chance? Doesn’t the very existence of this mind-boggling universal design have signatures of a power behind it? Humble our intellect, open our heart, and engage in deep reflection to solve the biggest mystery of all – our very existence itself. The evidence is all around us if we only care to deeply ponder it.

embodying true resilience

I’m titling this work “true resilience”. The fractures of our past were never meant to ruin us. They were meant to sculpt us into concentrated resilience.

Life inevitably brings challenges, disappointments and trials that can shake us to our core. The loss of a loved one, a shattered dream, health crises, broken relationships, financial devastation – these intense storms of suffering have a way of overshadowing everything, making it difficult to imagine ever feeling wholehearted again. In those darkest moments, the path ahead can feel utterly hopeless, cast in perpetual shadow. You may find yourself asking existential questions like “Why me?” or “How can I possibly endure this and come out intact on the other side?” The hurt and uncertainty feel utterly consuming. And yet, even in the midst of immense pain and confusion, an essential part of the human spirit remains unbroken – an inextinguishable light of resilience that makes perseverance possible, even when you’ve been brought to your knees. It’s the tenacious force that allows people to gradually rebirth themselves from the ashes of their worst nightmares, like a pristine rose blooming from the charred husk of its former existence. True resilience isn’t about plastically positive attitudes or stuffing down uncomfortable emotions until they fester. It’s about being humble and compassionate enough to let yourself feel and acknowledge the rawness of difficult life experiences as they unfold. To work through the natural cycles of grieving, anger, disillusionment and hopelessness rather than prematurely forcing yourself to “move on.” From that grounded place of emotional honesty and presence, you then make a choice to look for the openings where light seeps through the cracks. To fan the faint embers of your fighting spirit and remind yourself of the strength that has carried you to this point, even if you feel hollowed out in this immediate chapter. Slowly, steadily, you begin reconstructing yourself around a new and wiser definition of what’s important and meaningful. You draw insights and unexpected growth from having walked through refiner’s fires that cremated outmoded parts of your former identity that no longer served you. Lost pieces of yourself that were once so central to your foundations are grieved, celebrated, and ultimately surrendered with bittersweet acceptance. Meanwhile, you cultivate new beliefs, relationships and fuel for your journey that are better aligned with the person you’re becoming. With consistent self-compassion, support from loved ones, and perhaps professional help along the way, the piercing anguish begins transmuting into a kind of hard-won, grounded wisdom only possible by passing through your unique valley of shadows. You emerge with more courage, authenticity and appreciation for life’s fragility. The scars from your trials remain visible like kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with veins of precious metal. Rather than being sources of shame, they become powerful testaments to the adversities you’ve transcended and the redemptive fires that keep remaking you into someone resolute yet exquisitely humanized. That’s the alchemic gift of resilience when we honor its spiraling path instead of trying to short-circuit the process. A deeper sense of unshakable wholeness arises, not in spite of life’s storms, but thanks to having had the fortitude and vulnerability to pass through them

metabolizing fear into metaphorical fuel

Throughout the inevitable ups and downs of this life, we all eventually encounter experiences that stretch us to our limits and trigger core fundamental fears. Whether it’s a health crisis, relationship trauma, financial hardship, loss of a loved one, or another kind of major life disruption, these challenges have a way of stripping down our usual coping mechanisms and sense of control, leaving us feeling acutely vulnerable, disoriented and even question our capacity to endure.

In these intensely insecure periods, it’s perfectly natural for primal fears to rise up – fears of our own mortality, of confronting profound grief or suffering, of life never feeling safe or manageable again, of being forever undone or unalterably diminished. We may find ourselves ricocheting between emotionally shutting down and feelings of overwhelm as we adaptively attempt to guard against being swallowed whole by anxieties too primordial to even articulate clearly.

This is the sacred innermost trembling ground where resilience and even heroic growth potential is forged – through our willingness to turn and face these most elemental human frailties we’d rather avoid, shunting off escapism or forcing a premature return to business-as-usual. It’s exactly when we stop outrunning the depths of our existential vulnerabilities and instead allow them to be metabolized that profound transformation begins kindling from the inside out.

The process isn’t remotely easy. It demands that we cultivate exquisite compassion, patience and presence with ourselves amid the ambiguous chaos and discomfort. Resisting the temptation to numb out or prematurely shift into goal-oriented fixing and figure-it-out modes before we’ve honored the raw texture of our experience with mindful, radical acceptance. Creating safe ceremonial containers to let our core emotional waves of fear, grief, anger, relief and tenderness complete their cyclic journeys rather than short-circuiting them through bypassing.

As we commit to stubbornly being with our emotional and spiritual emergency with all its visceral anguish, an almost paradoxical alchemy slowly ensues. We start baptizing ourselves in the truth that our vulnerability contains its own ferocious strength and integrity – a fortitude arising not from imagined self-sufficiency, but from a heroic willingness keep showing up for our quintessential humanness in all its fragile, tender, undefended beauty no matter what.

This becomes the very activation of resilience. An unstoppable trust in our ability to stay present with absolutely anything that unfolds, and to somehow metabolize the intensity into new reservoirs of hard-won wisdom, humble compassion and empathic solidarity. Over many seasons of such cycles, we keep refining our tolerance and even develop secret reverence for being humbled, for sitting with uncertainty, for letting go of what we thought we knew as each fresh initiation ushers us into the wise wilderness that our small self can never completely map. From that naked, permeable essence-place, we draw forth a fierce resilience born from feeling fear’s ultimacy without fleeing. At last maturing into the spiritual warriors for life we’re meant to be, never again confirming fear’s illusion of being too overwhelming to face directly.

In the end, we come to gratefully embrace the sacred stake the periodic upheavals persistently summon within us. Just as the forest relies on intermittent wildfire to trigger renewed fertile ground, so too do we depend on revolution and surrender to keep alchemizing our most challenged spaces into life-giving chalices for the full harmonious flourishing we’re destined to.

substantive bonds

In today’s digitally-saturated world overflowing with virtual connections and surface-level social media “friendships,” there’s a significant lack of truly meaningful community happening. Despite being more outwardly interconnected than ever, people are also reporting record levels of loneliness, isolation and inability to cultivate deeper bonds.

There’s immense value in fostering authentic community – webs of human support, belonging and kinship that transcend small talk, performative inadequacies and superficial interactions. We thrive when we have circles of people we can truly be ourselves with, celebrate life’s joys alongside, and lean on in life’s difficulties without pretense.

These kinds of enriching, heartfelt bonds don’t happen spontaneously though. They have to be intentionally cultivated over time by creating environments and shared experiences where genuine vulnerability and emotional intimacy are safe to emerge.

Too often social conventions, fears of rejection, and ingrained emotional armors prevent people from taking the risks to open up and connect at a soulful level. Yet it’s precisely through that mutual willingness to be imperfectly real with each other that the sweetest fruits of human kinship can blossom.

Authentic communities don’t form by chance – they take deliberate nurturing. Part of that tending means establishing a container with conscious values and practices that allow the relationships to deepen beyond what’s culturally normal. That could involve shared intentions around confidentiality, honesty, accountability, and showing up fully for one another through all of life’s ebbs and flows.

However artificial it may feel initially, creating consistent rituals for people to gather, reflect, and reveal more personal layers with one another also aids the growth of intimacy over time. Whether it’s group check-ins, storytelling circles, collective projects or celebrations – routines that foster mutual self-disclosure are key.

One of the biggest obstacles to substantive bonds forming is the tendency to reflexively put on superficial “masks” and only share the polished, aspirational representations of ourselves. True communion can’t take root until facades are able to come down and each person feels fully accepted for all their flaws, struggles and contradictions.

That level of transparency is challenging for most people – it requires shedding deep cultural conditioning around having to perform and uphold idealized self-images at all times. However, meeting that unveiled authenticity in others has a miraculous way of softening our own guardedness too. Witnessing that rawness gives permission for mutually liberating vulnerability to happen.

The other necessity for nurturing lasting community ties is active listening – truly being present without agenda to whoever is speaking. So many conversations get derailed by advice-giving, relating everything back to the self, or tuning out before really understanding another’s full truth and perspective, fears and all.

When active listening becomes the norm in a group of people, trust deepens and synergy emerges. Space is made for the whole spectrum of human experience to be honored and welcomed without judgment or need to filter. That’s where interconnected humanity gets to flourish most vividly.

leisure with a sense of openness and awe

In our achievement-obsessed society, the notion of leisure has become something of a taboo. We are conditioned from a young age to view productivity as the ultimate virtue, to equate our self-worth with our ability to constantly strive, achieve, and check off items from an ever-growing to-do list. Downtime is seen as a weakness, a indulgence reserved for the lazy or the unmotivated. Yet, this relentless pursuit of busyness comes at a profound cost. In our haste to accumulate accomplishments and accolades, we sacrifice the very things that nourish our souls and foster true well-being – rest, rejuvenation, and the freedom to simply exist without the pressure of constant striving. It’s time to reclaim the importance of leisure, to recognize it not as a luxury or a waste of time, but as a vital component of a life well-lived.

For it is in these moments of stillness and repose that we can truly connect with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us. Think about a world where we embrace the restorative power of leisure, where we make space for activities that nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits. A world where we engage in hobbies not for the sake of productivity or achievement, but for the pure joy of creativity and self-expression. A world where we gather with loved ones, not to check off social obligations, but to savor the richness of human connection and the simple pleasure of shared experiences. In this world, we would recognise that true productivity is not born from constant motion, but from a balanced approach that values both activity and rest. We would understand that our minds and bodies require periods of respite, moments to recharge and rejuvenate, in order to operate at their full potential. By embracing leisure, we may find that the constant sense of urgency that plagues our lives dissipates, replaced by a newfound sense of calm and contentment. We may discover that the very things we once feared – boredom, stillness, quiet – are in fact gateways to deeper self-awareness, creativity, and inner peace. In our leisurely moments, we can cultivate a greater appreciation for the simple pleasures that so often elude us in our haste. We can revel in the beauty of nature, taking the time to notice the intricate details that escape our attention when we’re constantly on the move. We can lose ourselves in the pages of a beloved book, allowing our minds to wander and our imaginations to soar. We can savor the flavors of a lovingly prepared meal, savoring each bite and the rich tapestry of aromas and textures. By making space for leisure, we can forge deeper connections with ourselves and with those around us. We can engage in meaningful conversations, free from the distractions of devices and the constant pull of productivity. We can embrace the art of truly listening, allowing ourselves to be fully present and attentive to the stories and experiences of others. In these moments of leisure, we may rediscover the childlike wonder and curiosity that so often fade as we grow older and become consumed by the demands of adulthood.

We can approach the world with a sense of openness and awe, marveling at the beauty and complexity that surrounds us, unencumbered by the weight of expectations and obligations. Perhaps most importantly, by reclaiming the importance of leisure, we can cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for the present moment. Rather than constantly striving towards some future goal or achievement, we can learn to find joy and fulfillment in the simple act of being, of fully inhabiting each precious moment without the pressure of constant striving. In a world that constantly demands our attention and energy, embracing leisure is an act of rebellion, a defiant stand against the tyranny of busyness. It is a choice to live life on our own terms, to savor the journey rather than constantly chasing an ever-receding horizon. It is an invitation to awaken to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us, to embrace the present moment with open arms, and to find joy in the simple act of existing, free from the relentless demands of productivity and achievement. Let us reclaim the importance of leisure, not as a luxury or an indulgence, but as a conscious choice to prioritize balance, self-care, and the cultivation of a life rich in meaning and purpose beyond the narrow confines of work and accomplishment. For in doing so, we may discover that true richness lies not in the destinations we chase, but in the ability to fully inhabit each precious moment, savoring the simple joys that make life worth living.