mind is a nomadic cloud

We often think of our minds as these enclosed spaces, contained solely within our skulls. But what if our awareness actually extends far beyond those physical boundaries? What if we are each permeable fields perpetually exchanging information with the entire universe? It’s easy to get caught up in the delusion that our thoughts, beliefs and internal narratives are completely private and isolated from the wider holographic web of life. Yet frontline scientists have discovered that we are open systems constantly downloading codes and influencers from our environments on levels we’re barely cognizant of. The microbes inhabiting our guts shape our moods, cravings and perspectives. The positioning of planets and lunar cycles demonstrably affect our behaviors and biorhythms. Even being exposed to certain words, sounds or images rewires our neural circuitry and hormonal flows in profound ways. We are more like nomadic clouds drifting across a seamless skyscape than fenced-off islands of consciousness


It’s so easy to get attached to outcomes – a certain job, relationship, or vision for how your life should look. But holding on too tightly creates suffering when things inevitably change. The wiser path is to stay flexible and unattached, embracing whatever arises with an open mind. That doesn’t mean apathy or lack of effort. It means giving your all while also accepting that results are largely out of your control. Having profound desires is natural. But clinging to specific expectations breeds disappointment. Better to focus your energy in the present moment, staying responsive to reality rather than getting fixated on making it conform to your plans. That open stance lets you adapt to life’s unpredictable unfolding with more grace

awakening at crossroads

“When it comes to the human soul, the real battle is the struggle to truly become oneself. Not the self that others might want us to be, not even the self that we might wish to be; but the deep self and inner soul trying to awaken at critical crossroads in each life.”

Michael Meade

peace in the boring

monotony of our daily routines: alarm, breakfast, chores, work, dinner, baths, bed, repeat. But do we ever appreciate the peace in this constancy? How fortunate we are if each day mirrors the last without crises or surprises. There’s immense value in a stable home life. Performing the same tasks daily is a profound blessing. Resting at night and pondering tomorrow’s dinner is a peace many never experience. In a harsh and unpredictable world, the tranquility of a ‘boring’ home life is truly the grand prize of life.

water and jars

an illustration in the diary in the cloud to remember today in the future. My son spent hours playing with jars and water, fully immersed in his own wonderland. We chose to leave his play unstructured, allowing his imagination to run free. The alchemist : ). I tried to copy the same scene to have this illustration.