Connecting with readers through words and art has always brought me great joy. However, as the blog grew, I wanted to find ways to deepen those relationships and create more opportunities for serendipitous discovery. It has always been my wish to offer something tangible that could extend the experience of “The Border of a Mind” beyond the digital pages. I wanted to foster moments of wonder, discussion and inspiration in people’s everyday lives through unexpected connections.

the border

Inspired by the surprise and delight of browsing unfamiliar sections in a bookstore, I set out to design an item that could deliver surprise doses of creativity wherever my readers may be. Something they could incorporate into their daily rituals without much effort, but that afforded rich rewards. It was then that I envisioned a minimal fridge magnet – that could reside discretely in anyone’s personal space yet unleash imaginations. With a simple scan of the QR code, it would magically conjure random thought-provoking selections from my writings and art crafted over years. After countless prototypes, I believe I have achieved my goal of nurturing community and serendipity with the introduction of the border magnet. It has been a joy to watch early adopters engage more deeply with new ideas through this surprising conduit. I hope it brings you many pleasant discoveries and sparks meaningful discussions wherever it may travel. Its purpose is to spread ideas, wonder and connections in this small way.