the author

Greetings, dear friend. Allow me to welcome you to my little haven, nestled within the endless labyrinth of the world wide web. I am Ajmal, a fervent spirit hailing from the lush cradle of Kerala in southern India, and I am currently residing in Dubai to pursue my work as a mechanical design engineer. My name, a soft Arabic murmur translating to “delight” and “beauty,” resonates with my deep-seated appreciation for tales that inspire, art that enlivens, fleeting moments captured through lenses, the rhythmic dance of science and technology, memories etched in travel, genuine souls, and the exuberance of a joyful spirit.

Inspired by the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which seeks to rediscover beauty in broken or old objects, “The Border of a Mind” as I outlined in my vision collecively represents a revival of my old writing pursuits and my passion for writing, arts, visuals, and moving images.

Here lies a garden of my reflections, unshackled by the mundane cadence of online prose or the fleeting charm of a personal blog. It’s an odyssey of self-revelation, a deeper delve into the essence of my being, which I tenderly refer to as my “Wonder Crate”. Your presence here is a cherished visit to my little alcove in the vast digital landscape. May your sojourn here unveil narratives that resonate, and feel free to extend the threads of conversation. May blessings adorn your path.

With warmth, Ajmal

Vision of “The Border of a Mind” Studios