the author

Greetings, dear friend. Allow me to welcome you to my little haven, nestled within the endless labyrinth of the world wide web. I am Ajmal, a soul brimming with passion and fervour, hailing from the lush tropical state of Kerala in southern India, and I am currently residing in Dubai to pursue my work as a mechanical design engineer. My Arabic name translates to “delight” and “beauty,” magically reflecting my fervent appreciation for stories of inspiration, arts, illustrations, photography, science, technology, travel memories, genuine people, and a joyful spirit.

Inspired by the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which seeks to rediscover beauty in broken or old objects, “The Border of a Mind” as I outlined in my vision collecively represents a revival of my old writing pursuits and my passion for writing, arts, visuals, and moving images. It is a personal collection of my reflections, free from the prosaic nature of online writing or the novelty of a personal blog. This is a journey of self-discovery, a deeper exploration of my true self, which I like to think of as my “Wonder Crate“. Thank you for taking the time to visit my corner of the web. I hope you find something interesting to peruse. Do not hesitate to reach out to me. May blessings be upon you.

With love, Ajmal

Vision of “The Border of a Mind” Studios