alchemy of yearning

Netta glancing at a beautiful sunrise from Havelock Islands in South India,

Sunrise, beach, clear skies. They’re a perfect alchemy of yearning.

“With a bound, the sun of a molten fiery red cam above the horizon, and immediately thousands of little birds sang out for joy, and a soft chorus of mysterious, glad murmurs came forth from the earth; the low whispering wind left its hiding-place among the clefts and hollows of the hills, and wandered among the rustling herbs and trees, waking the flower-buds to the life of another day.”

 Elizabeth Gaskell,Ruth

articulative eloquence.

A photograph of an early morning stroll at Kala Pathar Beach, Havelock Islands captured by Netta. Today, the theme is about words and articulation. “10% of conflict is due to difference in opinion and 90% is due to delivery & tone of voice”, says a famous quote. I’ve felt this to be true through several experiences. Articulation and tone is something that we learn through a lifetime during stages wherein we get matured. I’ve always felt that articulative eloquence is an art. I’ve been fortunate to come across several personalities who are at epitomy of this art and I’m grateful to draw inspiration from them. There’s never a benchmark and there’re heaps to learn to grow.

Reading from 2015 Toasmaster’s public speaking champion’s winning speech,

“Words, when said and articulated in the right way, can change someone’s mind. They can alter someone’s belief. You have the power to bring someone from the slums of life and make a successful person out of them, or destroy someone’s happiness using only your words.. Words have power, words are power, words could be your power. You can change a life, inspire your nation and make up this world a beautiful place. Isn’t that what we all want it? Isn’t that why we are all in this hall? Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul.”



Flying over Andaman Islands. Havelock is literally a paradise with its white sand shores and lush, untouched landscapes.  Visual treat for the soul.