The document may be read-only or encrypted

For a difference, this is a tech how-to post.

A little over two week back or so, due to COVID 19 situation, I had started to work remotely. I’ve been setting up the home computer by porting all the required official data to do the work remotely.  As I work on engineering product design, two programs that I use extensively is AutoCAD and Excel. It’s paramount that this two stuff work well in order for me to work effectively.

While starting using excel on remote files synced to home, I kept on getting an error that prevented me from opening these remote files.  I’m pretty much sure that many of you would be struggling to work remotely due to this error and at least some of you might have got the exact same error. So I thought of writing a solution here that worked for me and probably would work for everyone. Another reason is that I figured this out after almost one week. So, I thought of helping people in the same situation and to save their time.

In Windows 10, when you open any excel document, if you see the below error

The document may be read-only or encrypted

Normally this error pops up when an individual file is read-only or encrypted. But the files that I was trying to open weren’t encrypted or read-only and I kept on getting the same error. If you’re tired of digging through forums in vain, here’s the fix.

Press the Windows Key + R to open Run Console.
Type in %tmp%

Now, we have to give permissions to this folder. For that, click on “Advanced” near permissions section in the Security tab and give full control. This should solve this error.
For some reason, excel requires Full Control from administrator accounts on the temporary files folder in order to function in Windows 10.