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This is sort of a prelude of my concept of kind of a “studio of the mind” vision, let’s put it that way for the time being.  In the note about the intent of the blog, I had mentioned that these would a personal repertoire of my deliberations. Today, I’m postulating my thoughts on The Border of a Mind Studios.  Au fond, this is my vision of a virtual studio of arts, ideas and minds built on the idea of embellishment of childish curiosity that we’re born with and to manifest it through fine writings, arts, visuals, and moving images. It’s to articulate that novelty visually in the best way possible without any slack of any form. It could be a photograph that would paint a beautiful story from a timeless memory in its attributes or it might be an illustration that conveys an intent in its subtlety.  I’ve been running this on the backdrops over the past several years as a private project with visual gifts crafted to delight my friends and loved ones. Personally, I’m enamoured by the repose it instills within me and also the gratification of using this craft as my signature to put a smile on their hearts. Here we emerge! (chuckle!)
God bless you!

Original photograph by Nasna Nassir.


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