Pondering on the Wonderland Within!

Some nuances that leave you in awe. Sharing the reading. I shall call this the ponder series wherein I could share in my readings so that we can ponder together. Apart from the technicalities of any subject, it’s the inquisitiveness and inference that matters. And that’s where we explore the child within ourselves.

Going inside the body and then inside the cell is a journey to wonderland. Enclosed by its outer membrane, a cell’s functions are walled off from the outside. When we look at any structure from outside, we get a highly simplified version of its essence. We decide to pick up a pencil and then do so. Not much to do it. But in the path leading from the thought to the act, millions of cells and millions of atoms acting on command were required to accomplish that mundane feat. From the outside, it seems so straightforward like starting a car: Just turn the key. Or a computer: Just press the power button. A myriad of hours were required to design the circuits and invent the components so that one simple act will activate the billions upon billions of atoms in just the right sequence needed to ignite the motor or light the screen.

If we could see within as easily as we see without, every aspect of existence would be an unfolding encounter with awe, almost a religious experience even for a secular spectator. A biology text presents a diagram, a cutaway view of a cell. Within the cell, a dozen or so components are shown and labeled – the nucleus, chromatins, cell membrane, ribosomes, and so on. If this were the reality, our metabolism would be one thousandth of what it actually is. A sketch showing all the cellular organelles would be one smear of ink, such is the density of the parts pumping life within. 
– Gerald L. Schroeder


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