Ladder to a Star

Not different from my usual proclivity to correlate everything into quotes, this time also, it’s not an exception. As Edmond de Goncourt put it, “ A poet is a man who puts up a ladder to a star and climbs it while playing a violin.”

This day, for me, it’s all about violin. I was late to discover this gem of a piece of music and this brilliant musician online. Make sure your eyes are closed and headphones are on so that you won’t wain any of its bliss. Perhaps a benign testimony to it’s soothing nature is a moving post by a doctor that I read somewhere today mentioning that he used this singer’s performances as a relief to patients enduring severe pain as a part of their treatments. Being someone in love with instrumental tones during my chores, this was an instant addition to my playlist. You might see more of these in the future also here, God bless friends! May you’ve a content, serene day walking a day closer to your dreams. This piece of music just coalesces with the essence of this page.

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