“Ponder” Series

22 Dec 2018,

Today I’m laying the groundwork for  “ponder” series, which is a pilot project of Border of a Mind Studios  arm and is aligned with the vision of this page. Often in the rush of our routines, we fail to appreciate certain hidden subtleties and nuances of living in this universe, which we can only admire if we consciously make an effort to think deeply with profundity.  We have to pause for a moment and ponder, and hence the name of the series. I shall endeavour to share my reflections based on what I’ve read and pondered, and I’m more than delighted to start this journey of exploring in the realm of mind with you. God bless you friends!

Resonating with the vision of Border of a Mind Studios, I’m delighted to begin this series and I’d like to put in a lot of effort to bring in more illustrations and themes in this series. The above  theme header page is from my old website which I had in 2005, back in college days which I prepared by sewing in different illustrations from different pages.  Makes me very nostalgic to put in a revamped version of it.

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