aerial visual experiences.

Last week, I was able to experience drone flights with Afeef. I’m really fond of aerial photography and we were talking of the different visual perspectives that we can craft when a drone is used, unlike a traditional camera where either the subject or the camera has to move to compose the scene that we intend to shoot. Wondering at the boundless possibilities offered by aerial photography. His drone is Mavic Mini by DJI. Unlike other heavy-duty drones which are pretty heavy, Mavic Mini is known for its low footprint and unit compactness. I had seen some reviews of extra flight packs that are augmented with additional battery packs and other accessories. While we enjoy using them, we need to exert best efforts to assure that we respect the civil aviation authority guidelines and rules on operating aerial vehicles in the particular geography that we operate in. Different countries have different guidelines and instructions on flying these marvels and these are to be respected. We talked about a recent footage which he had posted.

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