plant tread.

Remember those days where we passionately spoke of Golden pothos propagation craft and the flora shelf. Finally ticking a long term pending list scroll, I potted some money plants and other flora out of the roots of them which I had in water containers for quite some time now.  I made use of this 20 l potting soil. Had a couple of pots available on the shelf that were waiting to get potted. Here are some of them. I shall try to put in a video montage of these new ones soon. Delve into the simple golden pothos propagation technique.  This is where we started the plant stand. Happy gardening!
Love aqua-scaping? We’ve got stuff to keep you interesting : )
Matshona Dhliwayo, a Canadian philosopher said: “A seed is its own world, a garden is its own universe.” I had an experience during a vacation to my home town that kindled within me the seed of love for plants and pruning them in whichever medium I find plausible. I shall try to write that little story sometime soon. Keep reading!
Thank you for the warm messages and letters I received from various readers. I’m very grateful for the time you spend reading these lines. I hope everyone loves the new design for the website as much as I do. God bless.

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