pecuniary harmony

A fragment of a recollection from a brief visit to Georgian territories in the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. However, the article’s point is universal.

I occurred to recall something I read a few years ago about money. Kent Nerburn, if I recall correctly, was the author. I don’t recall the precise wording, but it was something about delineating the state of one’s financial health. People who measure their money against their wants will never be satisfied since another desire will always entice them. People who assess their money in relation to their requirements might acquire control of their lives by controlling their needs. Certain requirements must be fulfilled. If the weight of poverty falls on you, do not seek money. Look for employment. Money will follow, and you will be able to start removing money from the center of your life and reintroducing it as a tool to help you live a meaningful life. Financial well-being is just a matter of harmonizing circumstances.

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