the eager little learner

After all these years, it’s the little things that still make me smile I was going through some old files the other day, cleaning up and archiving documents from over the years. It always amazes me what you rediscover in such exercises. Buried between report cards from school and college was a small, well-worn book that immediately brought a wide grin to my face – my copy of “Animal Babies”. This book was given to me back in UKG, around 1995, by my teachers at a small convent school in a very rural area of Kerala. I had been recognized as the most hardworking student that year. Even at such a young age, their acknowledgment and appreciation meant the world to me. This tiny book, filled with colorful images and facts about baby animals, was their gift to commemorate that. Opening its pages after over two decades took me right back to being that eager little learner, soaking in every new piece of knowledge. The years may have passed but the joy of learning has stayed with me. I credit and value those blessed teachers, who saw potential where it wasn’t always obvious, encouraged a thirst for learning through both praise and little rewards. Their investment in students is what drives us to keep striving for more. It was touching to look at my name on the inside cover again. I thought of how I had treasured this book, reading it over and over until it started falling apart at the seams. Yet I never let it go, holding on to both the prize and the memory of the teachers who gave it. Their faith in my ability shaped who I became, pushing me to work conscientiously and never stop challenging myself. Memories and mementos from our childhood can have surprising longevity. As the years blur past, they anchor us to those defining early moments. For me, this little book is a living emblem of how far encouragement can take someone. I hope to pay it forward to younger generations coming up, just as my teachers did for me all those years ago. The Border of a Mind is for them. The same eager little learner is fueling this website and its words and its art. Blessed to have your glance at this post.

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