Occasionally some technology comes in and just blows your mind! This is one of them. We commonly hear about engineering software slowly growing themselves into tablet and mobile platforms to leverage their potential to changing needs with AI and machine learning engulfing every field you name. Being someone who works with engineering design, I truly believe the app by Shapr3D has truly taken into the next level with their ease of building 3D illustrations. I would like to take a demo sometime in the future.

I hope the future of engineering simulation engines taking a similar course in the future is not too far away. Probably I foresee those heavy engineering-grade GPUs in separate cloud servers and the mobile device being a “console” to leverage the huge cloud power. Google has done it with Stadia for gaming.

ostentatious culinary illusion

I tried my hands on creating a menu for Genie’s cove. It’s actually sort of like a sobriquet for the den we inhabit and is indirectly a poem of the culinary catalog which I and Netta are accustomed to in our routines. Tried the art and craft of converting normal food items by sprinkling in all those fancy terminology acumens you’d normally expect when you skim through a restaurant menu. It’s definitely pretentious but hey! boy we can make one 🙂 and also you now know that when you see a cafe menu, what you see is apparently an ostentatious culinary illusion made by some exuberant artist.

Fun fact: The name Genie’s cove is derived from:

genie /ˈdʒiːni/ (noun)
a spirit of Arabian folklore, as depicted traditionally imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned.

Netta usually summons me for several things and I’m sometimes colloquially referred to as Genie in our conversations.