enkindling the splendor within: rediscovering the majesty of existence

In the midst of existence, there are rare instances when we become profoundly aware of the breathtaking splendor of life, the sanctity that permeates every moment, and the awe-inspiring potency of the cosmos enveloping us.

These ephemeral glimpses are transcendental, ravishing, and deeply stirring.Yet, more often than not, we allow them to slip away.

Our daily lives unfold as if we are ensnared in a somnambulant state, occupied with ceaseless communication, perfunctory exchanges with our fellow beings devoid of genuine affection, and a relentless succession of tasks and diversions.

It is as if we are adrift in a reverie, scarcely cognizant of the vital force that surrounds us, blind to its boundless grandeur. What prompts us to lose sight of the astonishing magnificence that lies directly before us?

The answer lies in our propensity to become habituated to our existence. We acclimate to our circumstances, and the once extraordinary metamorphoses into the mundane, the barely perceptible hum that fades into the background.

As we bear witness to the quotidian – the sunlight, the trees, the exquisite countenances – we grow complacent, believing we have grasped their essence. The extraordinary recedes, replaced by the ordinary or even the tedious. Such marvels cease to command our attention.

We stride past the azure blossoms, the resplendent yellow foliage, the verdant blades of grass, and the molten gold of sunlight, scarcely registering their presence.

We fail to appreciate the miraculous nature of our reality: soaring through the skies, the marvel of electricity, the instantaneous interconnectedness afforded by the Internet, the vast reservoir of knowledge at our disposal, our cherished companions, and the simple joy of a yummy meal.

This inexorable acclimation is a natural process to which we all succumb. As young children, we revel in the enchantment and euphoria of ordinary phenomena – the pursuit of a bubble or butterfly, the unrestrained laughter elicited by a bouncing ball. Over time, however, we become inured to these wonders, our attention instead consumed by our devices.

This is not an indictment of our collective character, for it is an intrinsic aspect of the human experience. Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognize our propensity to take our world for granted and to actively seek to rekindle our sense of wonder.

To achieve this, consider the following:

  • Cultivate a habit of perceiving your surroundings with an unblemished, childlike gaze, as if encountering each element anew. Rediscover the awe that resides in the quotidian.
  • Throughout your day, pause to acknowledge the seemingly insignificant blessings that grace your life. A steaming bowl of noodles, an enlightening podcast, or a window that frames a captivating vista.
  • Endeavor to forge profound connections with those you encounter, eschewing the transactional mindset and engaging with others without a predetermined agenda or ulterior motives.

Embrace the world with an open heart, and marvel at its truly resplendent nature. Our existence is an extraordinary privilege, an opportunity to bear witness to the majesty of this world. into oblivion.

God bless

mindful momentum

I am not a big admirer of a culture of haste and frenzy that prioritizes material wealth and status over the quality of our inner lives and deeper human connections. With a lofty aim to unlock our innate creative potential, I believe undivided stretches of focused time represent one of our greatest resources for artistic productivity and spiritual growth. I sometimes discuss with Netta on the importance and benefits of undivided time during our we moment discourses.

A plate painting done by my two-year-old son. The swirling coalescence of colors on canvas, artlessly applied by tiny fingers yet conveying profound depths, stops me in my tracks. The brushstrokes of my two-year-old son, perhaps guided by some innate yet untutored wisdom beyond his years, reveal the ineffable dance of chaos and order, signifying nothing yet containing the whole universe in their abstract simplicity. I see eternity in a grain of sand, infinity in a child’s primitive painting. The small hand that mixed the paints with such care, adding depth and texture through the miraculous alchemy of color, bestows upon this humble work a luminosity that belies its humble origins.

In essence, there’s a new wave of understanding that challenges the pervasive culture of haste and frenzy that has arisen in the wake of globalization, driven by an insatiable quest for material abundance and social status rather than a focus on the intrinsic quality of life and the essence of existence. Despite their 35-hour workweek, the French exhibit greater productivity than their American or British counterparts. Meanwhile, Germany has instituted a 28.8-hour workweek, resulting in a remarkable 20% increase in productivity. I can see this trend influencing authorities in Middle east as well where I’m residing.

The philosophy of leisurely deliberation does not imply a reduction in productivity or accomplishments; rather, it advocates for the pursuit of excellence, efficiency, and meticulousness in one’s work, all while minimizing stress. It calls for a rekindling of the importance of family, friends, and leisure, emphasizing the present moment, tangible and specific, over the abstract and global. The movement urges a return to the core human values and the elegance of simplicity in life.

This paradigm shift promotes a more contented, buoyant, and efficient work environment, where individuals can revel in their innate talents and expertise. It is now imperative for organizations to pause and contemplate how they can achieve superior quality and efficiency without haste, thereby enhancing the caliber of their products and services while preserving the essence of their raison d’être.

Countless individuals spend their lives in a perpetual race against time in a rat race. Others, consumed by anticipation of the future, neglect to embrace the present moment, which is the sole temporal reality that truly matters. Time is a universally equitable resource, with no individual possessing more or less of it than another. The distinction lies in how each person utilizes their allotted time. It is incumbent upon us to savor every instant. As eloquently expressed by John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

serene mirage

An oft echoing theme I’ve written a lot on this portal is about transience. I want it to be a big part of my thought process as it has several extensions to it.

We go about our lives as if our dreams and ambitions are guaranteed, as if we have complete control over our destiny. However, this perception is an illusion, and within it lies a liberating revelation, accompanied by a sense of urgency that jolts us awake

In the realm of our fleeting existence, we are faced with a disconcerting truth. Though it may be difficult to grasp, we must occasionally remind ourselves that, in the most fundamental human sense, we are living with borrowed time. We go about our lives as if our dreams and ambitions are guaranteed, as if we have complete control over our destiny. However, this perception is an illusion, and within it lies a liberating revelation, accompanied by a sense of urgency that jolts us awake.

Remember, tomorrow is not a guaranteed promise. So, how will you ensure that you wholeheartedly embrace life? How will you ensure that when the time comes for you to depart from this world, your soul will be tender, fulfilled, and enriched by meaningful experiences? A soul that was never burdened by the need to shrink itself, forever waiting for the day it becomes thinner, more attractive, cooler, or more successful before seizing the precious time it has been given.

eliminating the extraneous

The ceaseless barrage of tasks, obligations, and information streams that inundate us undoubtedly leads to disarray and bewilderment. Yet, is complexity truly a prerequisite for a fulfilling life?

Within the tapestry of human existence, there exists a profound inclination to gravitate towards complexity. The ceaseless barrage of tasks, obligations, and information streams that inundate us undoubtedly leads to disarray and bewilderment. Yet, is complexity truly a prerequisite for a fulfilling life? Might simplicity, in fact, be the ultimate expression of sophistication?

From a philosophical perspective, simplicity is the key to a purposeful and meaningful existence. By eliminating extraneous elements, we are able to hone in on what is truly significant, and foster a sense of lucidity and inner tranquility. Simplicity enables us to connect with the very essence of our being, and to revel in the splendor and marvels of the world surrounding us.

In a world that exalts complexity and busyness, it is incumbent upon us to deliberately simplify our lives. By curtailing our commitments and information streams to only those that engender delight and value, we can achieve greater equilibrium and fulfillment. Simplification endows us with an opportunity to luxuriate in the richness of life, and to cherish the marvels of existence in their purest form. I firmly believe that the truest form of wisdom lies in the ability to simplify the complex.

the inward path

Once upon a time, a man found himself in a new situation. He had purchased a cow, but he was not familiar with the ways of cows. As he was trying to take his new cow home, he made a mistake – he held onto her horns and tried to drag her along. The cow was resistant, as she longed for her old home and previous owner.

As fate would have it, a wise saint happened to be watching the scene unfold. He kindly approached the man and offered him some sage advice. “It seems you are new to this,” he said, “and that you are not familiar with the ways of cows. This is not the right way to approach it.”

The man was perplexed, and asked the saint what he should do. “I am not that strong,” he said, “and the cow is stronger than me. She is dragging me along and I don’t know how to handle her.”

The saint then gave the man a beautiful green grass and instructed him to leave the cow’s horns alone. “Take this grass and move ahead of her,” he said. “Keep the grass close to you, but don’t allow her to eat it. As she moves towards the grass, you move towards your home.”

The man followed the saint’s instructions, and to his surprise, it worked! The cow was so enticed by the beautiful, green, and fresh grass that she forgot all about her old owner and her old home. All she could think about was getting her mouth on that delicious grass. And so, with the man slowly leading the way, the cow followed him all the way to his home.

Now, think for a moment if you can correlate this with your life.

limitless scribbles

“Within the scribbles of a child’s creation lies the purest expression of human potential..” Photography and styling – theborderofamind.com

As I gaze upon the picture of my 2-year-old son drawing with crayons for the first time, I can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and awe. In that moment, I am reminded of the incredible power of creation and the endless possibilities that lie within each and every one of us. For the first time, I gave him crayons that his grandfather gifted for him on our last visit to home.

As my son scribbles away on the paper, I am struck by the pure joy and innocence that radiates from his tiny frame. There is no fear, no self-doubt, no sense of limitation. Just pure, unbridled creativity and imagination. In this simple act of drawing with crayons, my son is tapping into a deep wellspring of human potential. He is exploring his own unique perspective on the world, expressing himself in his own way, and creating something that is entirely his own.

And as I reflect on this moment, I am reminded that we too have this same power within us. We too have the ability to tap into our own creativity, to explore our own unique perspectives, and to create something that is entirely our own. But what if we could approach the world with the same sense of wonder and innocence as my son does with his crayons? What if we could let go of our own limitations and tap into the endless possibilities that lie within us?

The question is where are the crayons of imagination of you and me gone? When we get buried ourselves in chores and work, always remember that there’s a child inside us and a boundless mind to wander if we put in effort to search for it. It’s exact vision that I’m expounding with the border of a mind venture. To kindle and spark the inner souls within us : )

Perhaps then, we too could create something truly remarkable. Perhaps then, we too could tap into the deep wellspring of human potential that lies within us all.

inner reflection

The quest for self-discovery is an essential component of human life. To truly awaken to our own potential, we must delve within the depths of our heart. Until we do so, we are lost in a labyrinth of societal and cultural expectations, confined to following in the footsteps of our predecessors.

inner reflection | theborderofamind.com

When we explore the unknown recesses of our heart, our vision becomes clear. It is through introspection that we discover our true beliefs, our deepest passions, and our purpose. This journey of self-exploration is the foundation of our true self.

Our vision is a reflection of our worldview, how we perceive and interpret the world around us. If we do not seek answers from within, our understanding of reality becomes shrouded in a fog of societal ideals, dogma, and cultural biases.

Only when we embrace our true selves, and listen to the call of our heart, can we awaken to our full potential. We begin to see the world with newfound clarity and purpose, free from the constraints of societal expectations and the weight of our past.

To apply this in our lives, we must reflect on our past choices, especially the ones we made because of the influence of others. Were they decisions that were in line with our true selves or were they motivated by external factors?

We must ask ourselves the tough questions, examine our hearts, and be honest with our answers. This will enable us to better understand our calling, and to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Take a moment to reflect on the choices you have made so far. Consider the ones that did not feel true to yourself. What would you have done differently? Use this as a starting point for introspection, and allow yourself to get in touch with your deepest passions.

As you delve deeper into yourself, it is natural to feel a sense of surprise and awe. The mists that have previously clouded your vision will begin to clear, and you will see the world in a new light.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself in this journey. This is a process that takes time, and you must be willing to take the necessary steps to unearth your true self.

Ultimately, the reward is great. The clarity and purpose that come with self-discovery will enable you to lead a life that is truly authentic, and one that is in alignment with your vision.

life of gratitude

The significance of gratitude cannot be overstated. While expressing gratitude for the good things in life may seem like a natural occurrence for many, it does not come easily to all. For some, no gift, praise, or act of kindness is ever enough, and gratitude is a foreign concept. However, for the rest of us, gratitude requires a mindful approach, which necessitates training oneself to notice things.

Being mindful means taking the time to notice the beauty of life around us. This does not require the analytical skills of a detective but instead entails appreciating the small things, like the flowers, the sky, the laughter of others, and the sunset.

Being mindful means taking the time to notice the beauty of life around us. This does not require the analytical skills of a detective but instead entails appreciating the small things, like the flowers, the sky, the laughter of others, and the sunset. Expressing gratitude for these things often starts with simply being thankful for the gift of life. Next time, you walk or drive to your office, take a moment to look at everything from an eye of gratefulness. The beautiful dress you’re wearing, the job that you have, your ability to walk, the air you breathe, the beautiful sky, your family waiting for you… Have a look at your own personalized list of aspects to be grateful about. Gratitude is a powerful tool that brings joy, contentment, and a sense of well-being. To cultivate gratitude, we must train ourselves to notice the good things in life and to appreciate them. Furthermore, we must also try to find gratitude even in adverse circumstances, as this enables us to learn from our experiences and cultivate a sense of joy and appreciation.

be the dreamer.

To make the little world surrounding you a better place, start by being the change you want to see. All great achievements start with a dreamer. Keep in mind that you possess the power, resilience, and enthusiasm to aim for the stars and make a difference in the world. Your actions, no matter how small they may seem, can have a ripple effect on the world. By embodying the qualities and values that you wish to see in others, you inspire those around you to do the same.

“Be the Dreamer” | fine art | The Border Of a Mind Studios

Imagine you are in a dark room with a single candle. You can use the flame of the candle to light other candles, and each new candle can be used to light even more candles. Eventually, the entire room is filled with light, and what was once dark and gloomy becomes bright and cheerful.

In the same way, you can be the one candle that ignites the flame of positive change in the world. By starting with yourself and embodying the qualities that you wish to see in others, you can inspire those around you to do the same. Each person you inspire becomes a candle, spreading the light of positivity and change to those around them. Through your actions, you have the power to transform the world, just as a single candle can light up an entire room.

effortless connection

Genuine love allows you to be yourself without anxiety. The people blessed with this nature accepts you with all your peculiarities and flaws, regardless of your status, appearance, or behavior. It’s a mistake to think that pretending to be someone else will make a relationship work because it’s not based on honesty. People often wear masks to be perceived a certain way, but the best love is effortless and feels like home. In this type of relationship, you don’t worry about being judged or rejected, and you don’t have to think twice before you speak or act. When you are surrounded with such people in your life, at family, at work and with your colleagues and friends, life would feel much more beautiful and calmer.