I’m glad to start the “ ponder “ series with this beautiful theme. What is illustrated below is something that we don’t think deeply normally in our routines.

When I’m looking at this tree, it might seem as if I’m seeing the tree directly. The scientific consensus is truly breathtaking and worth pondering. The scenario is completely different than we directly perceive it to be. Light entering the eye would trigger chemical reactions in the retina and these would produce electro-chemical impulses which travel along nerve fibers to the brain. The brain then analyzes the data it just received and then would create its own picture of what is out there. Then I would have the “experience” of seeing a tree, in this case. What is deep and exciting is that I’m actually experiencing not the tree itself so to speak, what is experienced is only the image that appears in the mind. This can be extended to anything and everything we experience. We only experience the form appearing in the mind for everything we know, perceive, imagine for every color, sound, sensations, thoughts, feelings. It’s all and in-forming of consciousness. Think about it : )

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