“The Circle” – Drone Expedition

We spoke of our drone expeditions recently with AR’O’Dynamics (That’s just a fancy name I made up for dear friend AR who is the pilot of these videos). Both of us are learning and hence the shots aren’t as cinematic as we would love them to be. However, contrary to my earlier convictions of waiting for the fine-tuned version, and on a firm realization that waiting for the ultimate perfection would be like a day that would never come, I’m putting up some of the footage here. Some of the awe-inspiring video creators whom I have been fortunate to have listened to always reiterate the importance of putting up the work into the open once we have an inspiring one. If we wait for the chiseling and polishing looking towards a day of perfection, that’s not gonna come. This is something that I’ve learned the hard way over the past few years.  And that’s the reason there is a plethora of video footage that stay buried in my archives. Let’s pop them out for our wonderful audience.

The video is titled “The Circle” inspired by the green and beautiful traffic roundabouts at the University of Sharjah.  That’s where we took many of our baby flights. And I’m thankful to AR for meticulously and patiently sharing those huge volumes of drone video footage with me.

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