Although not perfectly recollected in many situations, deep down I truly believe that gratitude and calmness are key to many peaceful delights in this world. Writing in awareness of all my imperfections, reflection on what we have has much more compassionate adherence to it rather than taking up futile thought attachments by pondering on what we don’t have. The weight of comparisons would weigh us down and robs away happiness. What has come to you has come with time and purpose. What is to come is written. Wait for the script to be unfolded and be very patient if that’s not the story you thought of. And in between what has come and what is yet to come is this moment. The moment you are now scrolling through this piece of writing. The experiences of last year has reaffirmed this truth over and over again and has scribed it deep within myself. I’ve been in hospital bed due to illness away from everyone all alone and unchained from all responsibilities, promptness and rushness I’ve been used to both personally & professionally. I truly never had such an opportunity to recollect and put back my thoughts on the overall scheme of things. I was relieved of the notion of trying to control the clock of my life and schedule it on my terms and had this forgotten realization that I’m playing the central character of a personalised flick called destiny which is already scripted. It emboldens a comfort that not a single thing is actually in our control even though deep down we believe we have control over several things. Keeping distress and resistance away from the unfolding divine plan of what’s happening is the longing that I strive for now. As with the famous saying, nothing really goes away until it teaches you what it’s supposed to. May Almighty bless us with contentment and fulfillment. I’m grateful for the time you’ve taken in gazing at my writings.

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