irrigating passion

a capture of my brother photographing the wide gardens near Ras Al khor wildlife sanctuary in the UAE.

Lately, I have been thoroughly pondering on the aspect of irrigating the mind. Experiences and my reads have encompassed me with the discernment that the soul has to be irrigated for consistency and to be filled with life. Our faith, trust, passions, love and life as a whole needs to be irrigated. The passions are to be fuelled to keep them from dying how dwarfed it might be in the rush of our lives. We’ve to hold to that rope and do our best in a positive sense within our individual means and situations to kindle the fire of aspects and things we are passionate about. Don’t leave them away. Don’t let the chores and events crush your passions and dreams. The border of a mind is a signature that I’m endeavoring with the limited time I’ve to candle a flame I’ve for art, visual imagery and a positive vibe in general. With you, I’m trying to remember that even though data has a decisive role on much of life’s decision making, it’s truly passion that provides purpose and an organic direction of where we’re heading to. We’ve to rewind that in our mind in channeling time.

Remember Job from the Heart that we talked about few years back ?
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