home within you

We may assume that living life to the fullest entails seeing every place on the planet, leaving our jobs on the spur of the moment, and falling madly in love, but it’s really just realizing how to be where your feet are. It’s learning to look for oneself, to build a home inside your own skin, to look within us. It is learning to live a basic life that we are proud of. A fully lived existence is made up of things that progressively tell us that it’s good to slow down rather than things that jolt us awake. That we do not always need to prove ourselves. That we don’t have to battle forever or always seek more. That it’s OK for things to be the way they are. We will gradually realize that life can only manifest outward in proportion to how steady it is in the inner realms of our mind.If the pleasure is not found in the tiny things first, the large things will not completely find us. God bless.

Home Within You – Original Fine Art from The Border of a Mind Studios

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