shattering the comparison mirror

Original principal photography: Time Warp by Amjad | Edited and Styled by theborderofamind studios

Let’s talk about something that often sneaks into our lives, almost unnoticed – the habit of comparison. You know, that little voice that whispers, “Hey, look at them, why aren’t you more like that?” It’s a sneaky one, isn’t it? It creeps in and, before we know it, we’re feeling a bit down about ourselves or others. It’s like we take the amazing things in our lives and, just by comparing, turn them into sources of sadness. I remember looking at a friend’s social media feed, seeing their adventures and achievements, and suddenly, my cozy evening with a book seemed… well, less somehow. But as I age, I’m slowly gravitating towards two things to shatter this glass of comparison. I’m sharing it here.

First up, let’s talk about appreciating where you are. Think about it. Your life, my life, it’s a one-of-a-kind story. When I started focusing on my own narrative, rather than someone else’s highlight reel, things shifted. I began to cherish the small moments – like the aroma and right mix of Netta’s masala tea in an evening or the laughter in the stories of my toddler son. Those overlooked moments..

And then, there’s empathy over judgment. When I caught myself getting frustrated or judgy about someone else, I tried a new approach. I asked myself, “What might they be going through?” It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses and suddenly seeing the world in a different light. Understanding replaces judgment, and we find ourselves connecting rather than comparing. Now, why am I telling you all this? Because, I believe we can all find more joy and less heartache if we let go of comparisons. It’s like shedding a weight we didn’t even know we were carrying. Next time you catch yourself comparing, pause. Take a deep breath. Look around and find something in that very moment to appreciate. And when it comes to others, lend a little empathy. You might just be surprised at how your world changes. Keep these in mind as you navigate your day. Remember, your story is uniquely yours, and that’s what makes it so incredibly special : )


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