closing cycles

As one cycle concludes, the landscape transforms, leaving space for new memories to emerge, whispering tales of resilience and growth.

In the journey of life, there comes a pivotal moment when we must recognize the end of a “stage”. Holding on beyond its natural course deprives us of the joy and significance that await us in the chapters yet to unfold. Whether we label it closing cycles, shutting doors, or ending chapters, what truly matters is our ability to bid farewell to the moments that have reached their conclusion. Have you recently lost your job, experienced the dissolution of a loving relationship, or ventured into the world beyond your parents’ abode? Perhaps a cherished friendship has abruptly ceased to exist? In the face of such transitions, it is natural to dwell on the reasons behind them. We may find ourselves immobilized, refusing to take another step until we unravel the mysteries of how something so imperative and solid in our lives could crumble to dust in an instant. However, this approach exacts an excruciating toll not only on ourselves but also on those entwined in our lives – our parents, partners, friends, children, siblings – all of whom are eager to turn the page and embrace the next chapter. Witnessing our stagnation burdens them with a sense of helplessness. One of us can exist simultaneously in the present and the past, even when we strive to comprehend the circumstances that befall us.

The bygone days shall not return; we cannot forever remain as children, angsty adolescents, or resentful offspring. We must relinquish the lovers who have departed without the slightest intention of returning, ceaselessly reliving our romantic liaison day and night. Life is a procession of moments that ebb away, and our task is to bid them farewell, allowing them to find their rightful place in the recesses of the past. Painful as it may be, it is crucial to purge our lives of mementos, to relocate, to donate our possessions to orphanages, to sell or give away the books that line our shelves. Every tangible aspect of this visible world is a manifestation of the invisible realm that resides within our hearts. By freeing ourselves from certain memories, we create space for new ones to flourish. Let go. Release. Detach. This existence is not a game with predetermined outcomes; we win some, we lose some. Refrain from harboring expectations, from yearning for appreciation of your efforts, from anticipating the discovery of your genius or the comprehension of your love. Cease tuning in to the emotional television that incessantly replays the program of your suffering after a loss. This relentless replay serves only to poison your spirit. Nothing is more treacherous than refusing to accept the conclusion of a fractured love affair, a promised but indefinitely postponed job, or decisions perpetually deferred in anticipation of an elusive “perfect moment.” Before we embark on a new chapter, we must conclude the old one. Remind yourself that what has passed shall never return. Recall that there was a time when you thrived without that person or thing, for nothing is truly irreplaceable. A habit does not signify a necessity. Though evident and arduous, this realization holds immense significance. Closing cycles is not an act of pride, incapacity, or arrogance. Rather, it is an acknowledgement that the previous phase no longer aligns with the rhythm of your life. Close the door. Change the tune. Cleanse your abode. Shake off the dust. Cease being who you once were and metamorphose into the person you are destined to become.

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