edge of awareness

I gazed out at the rippling fields, their emerald hues stretching far beneath the steady summer sun. Yet something felt amiss within my thoughts, as if there were unseen forces at work just beyond my perception. Questions had begun to emerge unbidden in my mind of late. Where did this world truly end and the next begin? What separated our experiences in this life from whatever followed? Were we merely subject to circumstance, or did some deeper design unfold moment to moment? As the gentle breeze carried whispers through the grass, I felt surrounded yet distant – present in the landscape yet apart from it in spirit. My thoughts wandered as if in a dreamscape, peering through veils I could not lift. There, just at the edges of awareness, shapes seemed to take form that defied understanding. A sense of liminality settled over me, of existing in a borderland between what is and what may come. Though the solid earth remained under my feet, within my mind’s eye another scenery revealed itself, one governed by rules beyond knowing. Try as I might to grasp the design at work, some greater Wisdom kept its counsel. All at once, the implications stirred unease within my heart. Yet beneath it surfaced too a strange consolation, as if in that very uncertainty there lay a kind of freedom. The future held its secrets still, and life proceeded as it would; for the present, it was enough to simply be.

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