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In Dubai, it’s very rare that we get some rain. But I really enjoy the drizzles and outpour whenever I have some. As I observe the rain nourishing the earth around my apartment, sometimes if I’m driving to work in the rain, I’m struck by the profound tranquility that significant weather phenomena instill in me. Sometimes, often magical, witnessing the relentless power of nature diverts my attention from any egocentric worries. Watching the landscape transform under the steady downpour, I’m faced with the realization of my minuscule role on this humble orb, navigating the boundless universe.

I’ve come to refer to this awakening as “universal perspective adjustment,” a remarkably calming notion that underscores the triviality of our actions and inactions in the vast cosmos. It might feel uncomfortable to admit, but recognizing our relative unimportance is surprisingly freeing, suggesting that our daily lives are often plagued by an exaggerated sense of self-worth. In an era dominated by digital interactions, we’re accustomed to curating spaces that echo our significance, surrounded by individuals who endorse our views. Coupled with societal narratives that associate a meaningful existence with exceptional achievements, this inflated self-perception does not equate to contentment.

Instead, it escalates expectations to such heights that savoring life’s simple pleasures becomes a challenge. Living as if we’re Atlas, bearing the world on our shoulders, we adopt a defensive stance towards life, perceiving it as a series of hurdles to overcome. The fear of not ticking off our tasks, meeting our responsibilities, or achieving our fullest potential looms over us like a dark cloud. This pressure can feel overwhelmingly oppressive.

However, embracing our universal perspective adjustment offers a sense of liberation and empowerment. It reminds us that the stakes aren’t as monumental as we perceive, granting us the freedom to pursue what truly matters, overlook the trivial, and detach from others’ expectations. This insight doesn’t undermine the significance of our responsibilities, such as caring for an infant or ensuring financial stability. Rather, it offers a new metric to gauge what’s genuinely vital. Adopting this viewpoint, we realize that the vast majority of our anxieties are inconsequential. The cosmos will persist in its course, indifferent to our endeavors or lack thereof. Thus, we’re better off dedicating our energies to passions that resonate with us, allowing the rest to fade into the extensive archive of human concerns that, while historically pervasive, have seldom held real significance.

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