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Have you been sitting on a business idea, creative endeavor or passion project that you just can’t seem to find the time or motivation to actively pursue? Something that gets you excited and animated when you think about it, yet continually gets back-burnered amidst the demands of daily life? It’s all too common to let those sparks of inspiration and drive towards more purposeful work fizzle out before fully bringing them into reality.

We come up with entrepreneurial ideas but talk ourselves out of risking stability. We dream up inventive outlets for self-expression but never take the leap to share them with an audience. Those passion-kindled ambitions could potentially lead to new income streams, a revitalized sense of meaning and creative satisfaction…if only we didn’t let fear, self-doubt and endless procrastination kill their momentum before truly trying. If this rings true, it may be time to get intentional about carving out space to explore that kernel of a pursuit you can’t seem to fully let go of.

What’s holding you back from dusting it off and committing to taking the first, small step towards actualizing it? For many, it’s largely paralytic anxiety and worst case scenario thinking. What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if I waste a bunch of time and money? Understandable worries, but not necessarily based in reality if we never take action to find out for sure. Letting them dictate inaction could mean missing out on something immensely gratifying. Moving a passion project from idea to genuine manifestation first requires giving yourself permission to embrace it wholeheartedly again. To reconnect with the genuine excitement and intrinsic motivation behind pursuing it, rather than shouldering it as another overwhelming obligation. It should be an endeavor that energizes you, not depletes you. From there, identify reasonable first steps you can take to simply get started and build some momentum.

Look for easy, appealing entry points that make it feel fun rather than daunting. Even small, seemingly inconsequential actions create an energetic snowball that makes doing more feel more achievable. The other major roadblock that causes passion projects to stall is getting bogged down in perfectionistic tendencies. This toxic mindset causes paralysis as we endlessly plan, prepare and polish while suffering from chronic “one more thing…” syndrome before we’ll allow ourselves to ship something out into the world. Ideally, find ways to embrace imperfect action early on. Start sharing your work while still rough, get feedback, then iterate from there. Follow the energy, not some aspirational ideal of flawlessness. The meaningful process of pursuing your passion deserves the chance to thrive. Maybe your passion becomes a lucrative side hustle. Maybe it stays a beloved after-hours hobby or creative outlet. Maybe it evolves into something you didn’t anticipate. But it will forever remain stuck in limbo if you never find the courage, discipline and self-belief to start. This could be the catalyst to unlocking new sources of enthusiasm, income and purpose in your life.

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