the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary

All around us, each moment is filled with extraordinary realities that we simply cannot see. Not because they are truly hidden, but because we have been enveloped in a veil of heedlessness that blinds us from perceiving them. Have you ever really pondered the humble apple before biting into it? Beneath that thin peel is a whole universe of complexity. The peel itself is an exquisitely designed package, crafted to lock in the fruit’s flavor and freshness to perfection. And what about the apple’s color, fragrance, and intricate texture? All springs forth from mere dirt through a process modern science cannot replicate. Or have you contemplated why you can so easily swat a fly, despite it beating its wings hundreds of times per second? The design of its anatomy allows it to hover through the air with impeccable precision and maneuverability.

We are surrounded by such astounding marvels, from the veins coursing through a leaf to the mind-boggling operations of our own cells. Yet we carelessly overlook them, like an audience member at a magic show who misses every astonishing feat happening right before his eyes. This is the spell of heedlessness that affects the majority of us – being so dazed by our inherited lifestyle habits and traditions that we remain blinded to the stark realities unveiling the majesty of Almighty.

But we have been blessed with the sacred gift of our thinking minds, that we may use them to part the veils and truly witness the brilliance surrounding us. To pause, ponder, and be struck with awe by the magnificent signs of the divine’s fabulous artistry everywhere we look. All it takes is making the conscious choice to embrace profound thought. To use the intellectual faculty that is bestowed upon us for its very purpose – as a key to discern and appreciate the hidden wisdom woven into every fiber of this universe. We have to wake up from our slumber of heedlessness. Pausing and deeply reflecting with intention on the marvels we are ordinarily blind to, will render us stunned by what our thinking mind can unveil right before your eyes.

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