every step is valuable

Let’s be honest, judging someone who’s trying to improve themselves is like criticizing a wobbly toddler learning to walk. They might stumble a bit, take a few tumbles, but their little legs are working overtime to get where they need to be. The thing is, we all start somewhere on this personal growth journey. Maybe we’re finally tackling that dusty box of neglected goals or trying to cultivate a new, healthier habit. It’s these small steps, these attempts to be a better version of ourselves, that deserve encouragement, not snickers. Imagine a beautiful garden bursting with vibrant flowers. But before that explosion of color, there were tiny seeds, patiently waiting for the right conditions to grow. We might see someone just putting those seeds in the ground, while we’re already tending to our established blooms. Here’s the thing – who knows what kind of magnificent flower their efforts might cultivate? Maybe their tiny steps are a big deal, a monumental shift in their own journey. Perhaps their dedication, even in its early stages, is deeply valued by a higher power. Instead of looking down on someone’s “baby steps,” why not offer a warm smile or a supportive word? After all, we’ve all been there, tripping over our own untied shoelaces on the path to progress. Let’s focus on watering our own gardens, cultivating our own growth, and celebrate the efforts of others, no matter how small they may seem. Because, hey, even the mightiest oak tree started as a simple acorn, right?

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