mind is a nomadic cloud

We often think of our minds as these enclosed spaces, contained solely within our skulls. But what if our awareness actually extends far beyond those physical boundaries? What if we are each permeable fields perpetually exchanging information with the entire universe? It’s easy to get caught up in the delusion that our thoughts, beliefs and internal narratives are completely private and isolated from the wider holographic web of life. Yet frontline scientists have discovered that we are open systems constantly downloading codes and influencers from our environments on levels we’re barely cognizant of. The microbes inhabiting our guts shape our moods, cravings and perspectives. The positioning of planets and lunar cycles demonstrably affect our behaviors and biorhythms. Even being exposed to certain words, sounds or images rewires our neural circuitry and hormonal flows in profound ways. We are more like nomadic clouds drifting across a seamless skyscape than fenced-off islands of consciousness

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