brand storytelling

I am really fond of storytelling when it comes to marketing materials on any product or service. I do come across a lot of them and I fondly read them. Here is an example of a story on a packet of popcorn. A lot of companies intertwine some sort of a narrative to engage in a personal connection with the customer and for them to feel good about it or to convey why they do what they do. It’s interesting.

“Storytelling” on a packet of popcorn

Here’s another one that I’ve seen in the past that I recollect now. It’s about a Biryani brand having this story all over. They say that some archaeologist discovered this special recipe during an excavation and that it’s the one being given to the customer, so as to generate a special or privileged feeling in the minds of the recipients. Although it brings a giggle on my face whenever I come across such stuff, but hey, stories are fun to skim through and they’re an integral part of brand concept building these days. : )

Story of “Behrouz Biryani”

garden of thoughts.

Recently I read a very interesting post on what really matters on what you build and long for. It can be anything – it can be a product, a service, experiences, personal connections, travel spaces, mindset, you name it.

“Do you see all those people who whipping their smartphones out as soon as they get on the train or stand in a queue? They’re not just avoiding boredom, they’re searching—but not only for information, or laughs, or updates. They are searching for a feeling of connection.

We want places to go and places to be. Places to kill time and places that make us feel a little less lonely in the moment. Places to learn. Places to share. Places that make us feel safe, or smart, or welcomed, or funny, or hopeful for the future. But most of all, we want places to belong and places where we feel like we matter.

Those places used to be our family homes, our dinner tables at 6 pm, or football games with friends on Saturday afternoons. Increasingly they are digital spaces.

Whatever you’re building, think beyond features, functionality and design and think first about how the person you serve wants to feel when she arrives at the place you’ve built.” [ source ]

This is exactly on the nail on how I conceive and present the soul of The Border Of a Mind to you as a valuable reader. As I wrote previously, I put my heart and soul into every little word, graphic and theme that you find inscribed here. In this world of bustle and commotion, I always love to prepare this place as sort of a virtual garden of my thoughts and whisk it with some spice of original arts and photography.