imagination unleashed.

Today, let’s dive into a topic that’s as deep as an ocean but as personal as your favorite coffee mug. We’re talking about creativity, that magical spark that turns a mundane day into a masterpiece. But what fuels this elusive fire? Well, it’s simple yet profound: the freedom to think, to dream, to wander in the realms of our unbounded imaginations. Have you ever felt like your thoughts were in a straitjacket, bound by invisible rules and ‘should-nots’? I sure have. Remember those days in school when we were asked to color within the lines? That’s what it feels like – a world full of lines, boundaries, do’s and don’ts. Creativity, my friends, is a bird that refuses to be caged. It thrives in open skies, not in the confines of a predetermined box. Let’s paint a picture together. Imagine a world where every artist could only paint fruit bowls, or a photographer was restricted to snapping just portraits. Sounds stifling, doesn’t it? But here’s a twist – what if you adore capturing the essence of fruits, or find profound beauty in faces? Restrictions can sometimes be a canvas in themselves, inviting you to explore within their framework. But what about when your heart yearns to paint the sky in shades of green, or capture the dance of leaves in the wind? That’s where the rub lies.

This isn’t just about art, though. It’s about life. How many times have you altered a recipe just because it felt right? Or decided to take a different route to work just for the change of scenery? That’s your inner creator speaking, Now, think about those moments when you felt your creativity being shackled. Where do these chains come from? Society, rules, or our own self-imposed limits? Here’s a thought: why do we crave to break these chains? Is it a rebel yell, or is there a deeper longing to express what truly matters to us? Consider the consequences, though. Sometimes, breaking free might mean ruffling feathers or even facing serious repercussions. Is your creative spirit ready to bear that weight? Or will you find a clever way to dance around the edges, to create within or just beyond the boundaries? The journey of creativity is personal and unique. Whether you choose to stay within the lines, or boldly color outside of them, know this: your creative spirit is a force to be reckoned with.

seeds of tomorrow

You know, life can sometimes feel like you’re a farmer standing in a field that just didn’t turn out the way you hoped. But here’s the thing – that’s not the end of the story. It’s just a part of it.

Think about it. Maybe you’ve had a project or a dream that didn’t pan out. It’s tough, right? But let’s not stop there. Just like a farmer, we’ve got to keep sowing. Every setback, every missed goal, it’s all just prep for the next big thing.

You might feel like giving up, and hey, that’s okay. We all get there sometimes. But remember, tucked away in these experiences are gems of wisdom, just waiting to be discovered. It’s like getting your hands dirty in the soil, finding those lessons that can help your next attempt bloom.

Picture an artist. Their first few paintings might not be perfect, but each stroke teaches them something new. Or an entrepreneur – their first business might flop, but they come out of it sharper, ready to take on the world.

Let’s not shy away from the challenges. Let’s face them, learn from them, and jump back in with all we’ve got. It’s in these moments that we grow, that we really find out what we’re made of.

And as you think about all this, why not pick something that didn’t quite work out before? Take a fresh look at it. What can you do differently this time? Jot down your thoughts, make a little plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect – just a start.

We’re in this together. Let’s not give up. Let’s adjust, try again, and keep going. Because, in the end, it’s all about sowing those seeds again, no matter how tough the last season was. Here’s to our next harvest – it’s going to be a great one.

age’s quiet wisdom

In the soft light of dawn, as the world awakens from its slumber, so too does the human soul stir with a poignant realization. Each morning, as we confront the mirror, it reflects not just our physical form but a deeper, more profound truth. The act of cleansing our face, the routine of brushing our teeth, these are not mere habits; they are silent sermons on the fragility of our human existence.

Behold, the thin veil of skin that encases us, how delicate and vulnerable it is! This body of ours, a marvel of creation, is yet so susceptible to the wear and tear of time. Our need for sustenance, our battle against sleeplessness, hunger, and thirst – these are not mere physiological demands. They are, in essence, subtle reminders of our inherent weakness, signs from the Divine that our earthly existence is but temporary.

As we age, each wrinkle that etches itself onto our face is like a gentle whisper from the Almighty, reminding us of the fleeting nature of worldly life. The whitening of hair, the aging of hands – these are not mere signs of physical decline but are profound symbols of the inexorable passage of time, a time that draws us closer to our return from this temporal world.

But amidst this temporal decay, there lies an immutable truth – the soul does not age. While our bodies are bound to the relentless march of time, our souls remain untouched, timeless in their essence. The beauty and vigor of youth may fade, but the radiance of the soul only intensifies with the wisdom and experience that comes with age.

In this transient world, where outward appearances often hold sway, aging serves as a potent reminder of the impermanence of physical beauty. It invites us to look beyond the superficial, to recognize the enduring beauty of the soul that outlasts the decaying shell of the body.

Thus, as we greet each day, let us embrace our vulnerabilities, not as signs of weakness but as divine messages guiding us towards a deeper understanding of our true purpose. Let us cherish the aging process, not as a decline but as a journey towards spiritual maturity, a journey that brings us closer to the divine.

be the dreamer.

To make the little world surrounding you a better place, start by being the change you want to see. All great achievements start with a dreamer. Keep in mind that you possess the power, resilience, and enthusiasm to aim for the stars and make a difference in the world. Your actions, no matter how small they may seem, can have a ripple effect on the world. By embodying the qualities and values that you wish to see in others, you inspire those around you to do the same.

“Be the Dreamer” | fine art | The Border Of a Mind Studios

Imagine you are in a dark room with a single candle. You can use the flame of the candle to light other candles, and each new candle can be used to light even more candles. Eventually, the entire room is filled with light, and what was once dark and gloomy becomes bright and cheerful.

In the same way, you can be the one candle that ignites the flame of positive change in the world. By starting with yourself and embodying the qualities that you wish to see in others, you can inspire those around you to do the same. Each person you inspire becomes a candle, spreading the light of positivity and change to those around them. Through your actions, you have the power to transform the world, just as a single candle can light up an entire room.

be a bird

The Bigger Picture

This is another scenario where I read or watch something related to a recent notion that has been on my mind. I was reading and pondering recently about giving someone or something my whole attention rather than engaging in undue multitasking. I’m used to completing many activities at once, especially at work and in other settings, and I consider it to be productive. But there are moments when we need to slow down. I’ve been thinking a lot about paying entire attention to discussions and interactions since my child entered my life. We live in a world of distractions and two-minute attention spans. So Jordyn Dunseath’s intriguing video was an ace to the point. Keep an eye on it. (It just takes three minutes.)

She narrates”Be a bird. See from the bird’s eye view. See the big picture. Look, the earth is big and it’s beautiful. The details of life do matter, and yes, and it can get hard , but take a step back sometimes to find what you are grateful for. Drop the unnecessary responsibilites you put on yourself. Sometimes, when life feels so chaotic, the easiest change you can make is your perspective. Be reminded of the birds. Do not worry about your life, what you would eat, what you would drink, your body, what you’ll wear. Look at the birds in the air. They do not sew or reap or store away in barns, yet Almighty feeds them. Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? ”

Arriving on time, This was what I wanted to hear. As in the prophet’s stories, “If you trusted on Almighty as He should be relied on, He would make provision for you as He does for the birds.’ They leave hungry in the morning and return full in the evening.” I seek for the times when I can hold this mindset with me and see everything from a wider perspective. The sense of relaxation and clarity it provides is simply astonishing. Friends, may God bless you!
I appreciate you taking the time to read the post.


I always appreciate minds that inspire with their vision, words, actions and life. In a noisy world, I look forward to such minds that permeate a good adulation of positivity and and an uplift and desire to improve internally. This is one such of a vibe.

Uplift | The Border Of a Mind

I happened to hear a beautiful conversation by H.E, Reem Al Hashimi, UAE’s Minister of State. She’s a very accomplished woman with lot of achievements and accolades in her life. Addressing a young crowd gathered, she had a very short speech, but what I liked is that she went through very profound aspects. I’m noting some details that I felt very inspiring:

  • Important impact that respect can have in our lives. Respecting ourselves, respecting the surrounding, respecting the country, respecting friendships & its importance in defining who we are.
  • Power and impact of families beyond our blood relations and fostering a family like relationship.
  • Rethinking who we want to be at all stages of our work & in making powerful strides whether it’s business, government, science or whichever field we are into.
  • She remembered a physics class with one of her teachers and it was at that time that Ayrton Senna passed away. Ayrton Senna was a very accomplished Brazilian Formula One driver. When he died, her teacher told that the “world has changed“, and she had thought that her teacher was crazy. Later she mentions that later on she realized that Ayrton Senna was not just a Formula One car driver, he achieved remarkable things. He exemplified the power of human spirit in achievement in sports, and that’s something that you respect. You respect somebody who worked so hard to show the full potential of the human spirit.
  • She spoke about making the most amazing thing with the least we could possibly have and to employ that approach to life.
  • She spoke of not being after titles in work and in general at life. Titles would come and go and it’s the way the world is. People are behind titles. It’s good to be ambitious in a way. Rather be more ambitious in the work we are delivering and in the service we provide. The value we are making, creating the impact we are leaving. Titles shouldn’t be the driving force. Become at the absolute pro at your work. It’s very hard to be good at something that we won’t like to do.
H.E Reem Al Hashimi speaks at a Keynote.

Preparing for joy

Often, all sort of sorrows, anxieties, hardships, and turmoil is to prepare us and to put a pathway for joy. As a famous Persian poet puts it, sorrow violently sweeps everything out of your house so that there’s space for new joy to enter. There’s beauty and gems of wisdom in going through hardships. It matures our souls and puts an appreciative spirit and a sense of profound gratitude in the blessings we count. Cultivating gratitude is key to several delights.

” Preparing for Joy “

the lab of dreams

the lab

This work of art was inspired during a visit to Netta’s work laboratory in a university in Dubai. Although I worked on it pretty in the instant, I liked the way it turned out. From the colors and shades of the equipment to the stickers around to vibrant tones of chemicals around, it all set that mood to instigate a creative fervor. Notice the DNA shades on my tees as well. Now, this is a frame that was bound to happen right down to its finest details. I’d like to correlate this theme with something else.

Today I was listening to a generic talk and the speaker was gently enunciating that what we physically work on or dream initially forms as an abstract in our mind. Any material object that we procure or any project that we pursue would first form in our minds. So, he was saying that in order to chase dreams, first sculpt them in our minds with a deep passion and to try our best to draw in an action plan to chase it. Very interesting. Our mind is the lab of our dreams If we philosophically postulate an extension for this artwork. God bless.

Jordyn’s stories

I came to know about this new filmmaker on the block Jordyn Dunseath through one of Peter Mckinnon‘s film making competitions and I’m impressed by the soulfulness and art in her way of storytelling. Impressed by the way they’re crafted with a lot of passion. When somebody gives his / her heart and soul into something, that’d be felt in the work of art. God bless! I see a good future ahead.