I always appreciate minds that inspire with their vision, words, actions and life. In a noisy world, I look forward to such minds that permeate a good adulation of positivity and and an uplift and desire to improve internally. This is one such of a vibe.

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I happened to hear a beautiful conversation by H.E, Reem Al Hashimi, UAE’s Minister of State. She’s a very accomplished woman with lot of achievements and accolades in her life. Addressing a young crowd gathered, she had a very short speech, but what I liked is that she went through very profound aspects. I’m noting some details that I felt very inspiring:

  • Important impact that respect can have in our lives. Respecting ourselves, respecting the surrounding, respecting the country, respecting friendships & its importance in defining who we are.
  • Power and impact of families beyond our blood relations and fostering a family like relationship.
  • Rethinking who we want to be at all stages of our work & in making powerful strides whether it’s business, government, science or whichever field we are into.
  • She remembered a physics class with one of her teachers and it was at that time that Ayrton Senna passed away. Ayrton Senna was a very accomplished Brazilian Formula One driver. When he died, her teacher told that the “world has changed“, and she had thought that her teacher was crazy. Later she mentions that later on she realized that Ayrton Senna was not just a Formula One car driver, he achieved remarkable things. He exemplified the power of human spirit in achievement in sports, and that’s something that you respect. You respect somebody who worked so hard to show the full potential of the human spirit.
  • She spoke about making the most amazing thing with the least we could possibly have and to employ that approach to life.
  • She spoke of not being after titles in work and in general at life. Titles would come and go and it’s the way the world is. People are behind titles. It’s good to be ambitious in a way. Rather be more ambitious in the work we are delivering and in the service we provide. The value we are making, creating the impact we are leaving. Titles shouldn’t be the driving force. Become at the absolute pro at your work. It’s very hard to be good at something that we won’t like to do.
H.E Reem Al Hashimi speaks at a Keynote.

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