Membranes of Memories.

When we go somewhere, between all the rush and the hustle and bustle are those sweet little moments in time that’d be chiseled in our memories. I and Netta traveled to Al’ Ain and Ghubaiba (old city of Dubai) and I thought to extract some memorable frames into a short moving picture.

Music by Canadian Singer Dawud Wharnsby.

The Remnants
We carry small membranes of memories
Within us
As do trees, flowers, stones,
All life force around us

Fragments of memories
Engraved in chips of iron, copper, silver…
Interlaced in the workings of men
Intertwined into the streets, buildings
The networks around us

Pathways between ages
Each carrying their
Remnants of the past

― Maria Lehtman, The Dreaming Doors: Through the Soul Gateways

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