bird’s eye.

I always have this fantasy of flying high up in the air and having a bird’s eye view of places. I had numerous childhood dreams of just flying about in the sky freely like birds. As a natural extension of that, I’m an ardent appreciator and passionate admirer of aesthetic drone footages, be it video or aerial photographs. Philosophically also, I have this sort of unassertive frame of mind and view that if we always take a broader and eclectic view of any issue or hurdle or pleasure or any gifts of destiny, it allows us to keep ourselves grounded and calm and we can arrive at solutions much more easily. Broadness and narrowness are diametrically opposite poles in visuals and also really in life. (Remember “Mind Magnet” ? )

To experience what I’m relating to, disconnect from what you’re doing now, plug in headphones, and take a peek at this! Grateful for your glance and time. Keep reading!

From “Ambient”