cadence of memories

From a travel through Gadauri snow lands in Georgia.

The concept of “past” is derived from information stored in our memories.
Because of the recommendations we get, we believe we live in three distinct periods of time known as the past, present, and future. The only reason we have a sense of “history” is because numerous things have been implanted in our minds. For example, the time we registered in primary school is a piece of information in our memory, and we view it as a past event. However, subsequent occurrences are not remembered.As a result, we consider the uncertainties to be things that will be experienced or occur in the future. But, just as the past has been experienced through our eyes, so has the future. However, we cannot know these experiences since they have not been recorded in our memory. We are bound to time, but Almighty is beyond the realm of time.

I remember that I previously wrote about this in perceiving time in Ponder Series before.

..All the experiences, events happening truly runs as “stories” in our minds and we only have impressions of them as they pass us. When you read an article on my website, for example, that’s a story weaved in your mind when you think about it later. We “perceive” time by usually comparing a “story” or a “moment” with a previously known moment or event if we think about it. When you’re reading this blog on your phone or on your computer screen, just clap your hands once and you’ll hear a sound. If you clap once again, you’ll hear another sound. Now, we call this interval between these two claps “time” by thinking that there’s an interval between them. When you clap the hands for the second time, the first clap sound you heard is only nothing more than a memory that’s formed in your mind, sort of like an imagination. You see, this comparison of moments and events and correlating with each other is what we perceive as time in our lives.

Perceiving Time“, Article on The Border of a Mind.

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