accepting divine destiny

Divine Destiny | Original Fine art from The Border of a Mind Studios

In order to live a peaceful and sincere life, it is important to maintain an even tempered demeanour and graceful attitude towards events and encounters in life, no matter how large or small it is. We should not idolize things and believe that they exist outside of God’s control. Saying things like “this medicine will work for me” or “my boss will be angry” are just thoughts created by God. It is wrong to let these events control us and make us forget about God.

It is essential to stay connected to God and understand that everything is created by Him. By doing this, we can try to understand the messages that God is sending and stay aligned and peaceful within. Life can be beautiful, even with its challenges and hardships, which are also a part of God’s plan.

We should not let ourselves be controlled by events and forget about God. Instead, we should strive to maintain our connection with Him and understand that everything including conditions, events, thoughts, situtations etc are created by Him. By following this path, we can find beauty in life, even in the midst of difficulties. This is a miracle of God.

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