no moment is devoid of worth.

A blissful boat ride with Netta and Ehan through the serene waters of Zanzibar, a memory to treasure. | composed and styled by Ajmal, The Border Of a Mind [dot] com

In life, no moment is devoid of value. The tender embrace of a vada pav’s brioche at the office canteen. The unyielding nature of affection. The intricate design of confectionary rings. The quietness after a kiss. The velvety glide of a spice-laden shawarma toast from the cafeteria. The nocturnal lament carried by the wind from the balcony on an early morning. An unexpected GPS detour leading to discovery of a new place. The melancholy of deflated culinary ambitions at the kitchen. The tedium of anticipating destiny’s plan for something. The flawless crunch of a well-crafted pastry parcel.

The hesitancy permeating a romantic encounter. The subtlety of linguistic artistry in a foreign tongue. The precise elegance of a tailored shirt. The ephemeral bond forged through a fleeting glance. The opulence of being cradled in a toddler’s embrace. The alchemy of flawlessly softened dairy. The aroma of freshly pressed pages. The gentle cascade of crystalline luminescence. The distant echo of a once-cherished voice. The comforting pressure of familiar hands encircling your form.

The trepidation before facing the undiscovered. The immutable presence of sorrow. The benevolence of unfamiliar faces in a metro. The ever-widening chasm separating aspiration and achievement. The symphony of droplets colliding with metallic surfaces. The unuttered sentiments haunting your thoughts. The declarations that escaped your lips. Your essence is molded by each encounter and sensation, as both the tangible and intangible leave their indelible mark. Nothing and no one is devoid of purpose or significance in this transitory existence.

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