being tender

In the rush of life, we immerse ourselves in, it seems that tenderness has become a rare and precious commodity. We often forget the value of being kind and gentle, like the soft skin on our eyelids. Tenderness is a sweet collision of emotions that encompasses vulnerability, love, caring, kindness, hope, and warmth. It is an experience that we all crave and need.

The beauty of tenderness is found in the smallest things we do. It can be manifested in the way we kiss with a loved one, how we peel a banana, turn the pages of a book, or brush a hair off someone’s forehead. When we do something tenderly, we slow down, relish the moment, and find unexpected pleasure in the little things.

Tenderness is also about listening, empathizing, and understanding. It is about being present, holding someone’s hand, feeling their pain, and offering comfort. In today’s world, where even the smallest aspects can ensue into something to be anxious about, tenderness is especially important.

Let us take a moment to pause and appreciate the tenderness in our lives. Let us embrace the beauty of vulnerability and love, and be kind, gentle, and caring towards ourselves and others. In a world that can be cold and harsh, a little tenderness can go a long way in healing our souls. Let’s go.

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