deeper reflection on a fruit platter

Sharing with you some simple reflections on a beautiful spread of fruits on the table. Have we ever really taken the time to contemplate where these gifts come from?

From the depths of very dark soil emerges a diverse array of fruits, exhibiting a spectrum of colors, variety of scents, and exceptionally pure interiors, each having a delightful taste. How magical is that?

Fruits such as bananas, tangerines, oranges, melons, and watermelons naturally come enclosed within their own coverings. These outer layers serve to safeguard the internal fruit from degradation and spoilage. The aromas of these fruits are also sheltered within these natural casings, which upon removal leads to swift discoloration and decay of the fruits. Think about it for a moment. They come packaged for you. The more we get into the details, we get blown away by the divine wisdom instilled in them.

Closer inspection of individual fruits reveals numerous subtle yet important aspects. Consider the tangerine and orange sections, having naturally divided segments. Had they been undivided, consuming these juicy fruits would have been more difficult. For ease of consumption they are conveniently portioned, displaying faultless aesthetic planning appearing to unveil a form of divine benevolence.

The strawberry is an extraordinary fruit, distinguished by its unique shape and flavor. Strawberries in particular are a special fruit with their distinctive shape and taste. The patterns on them seem meticulously designed. With their refreshing red appearance topped with green leaves, they exemplify matchless artistry. Their sweet scent and flavor along with tiny surface seeds make them easy to eat. That a soil-grown fruit can have such beautiful vibrant coloring is something that we have to think deeply about. Pretty ingenious if you ask me!

The availability of different fruits per season is another issue worthy of reflection. It is a grace from the Almighty that during winter, when people require most vitamins, fruits rich in vitamin C like tangerines, oranges and grapefruits are present, while in summer fruits like cherries, thirst-quenching melons, watermelons and peaches abound.

Gazing now to the boughs and branches from whence these gifts were plucked, I am awestruck. Perfect placements on slender stems seem the work of a masterful artist. Their polished exteriors shine as if cared for individually, reflections of a love for even fleeting earthly treasures. Grape clusters especially capture the eye, each orb affixed upon the vine with meticulous intention. The aesthetics of grapes fastened onto the vineyards looks so calming and artistic.

Every morsel here whispers of deeper design beyond what originally meets the eye. Each fiber overflows with purpose and provision, lessons for those with hearts and minds open to perceiving life’s daily epiphanies. In nature’s displays I am reminded to pause in gratitude for blessings constantly poured out. Maybe next time you grab a snack, you’ll pause to consider the greater story behind the fruits on your plate. There’s so much perfection packed into something so simple, it truly blows my mind.

It really makes you think – who planned all these tiny details if not a higher power looking out for us?

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