Scramble, Savor, Settle

Have you ever found yourself wandering in the thick of life’s forest, without a compass, feeling slightly adrift? It’s a common tale. We’re all out here, trying to piece together our next steps, feeling like the map is upside down. Yet, there’s a beauty in this disorientation, isn’t there? Look, the chase, the confusion, the perpetual game of life’s hide-and-seek—it’s not just a phase. It’s a fundamental part of the adventure. And here’s the twist: the very act of piecing it together, bit by bit, is what makes the journey so exhilarating.

Visualize this scenario. One serene morning, you’re going to stir from sleep, and the chaos of yesterday will seem like a distant dream. You’ll inhale the scent of fresh coffee brewing, a signal that your partner is already up, creating the rhythm of your new routine, and you’ll catch the sound of gentle rain against the window or perhaps the tranquil hush of a world just waking up. That’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived at a place of peace. That’s going to be your ‘I’ve made it’ moment.

You’ll be cozied up in the life you’ve built, each day predictable like the last. And it’s going to be glorious. But as you sip that morning coffee, you’ll find your mind wandering down memory lane, back to the days of thrilling uncertainties and wide-open horizons. Believe it or not, you’re going to miss this—the hustle, the missteps, the dizzying array of choices that lay before you now. It’s the mess of today that makes for the harmony of tomorrow. When you finally land in that comfy chair of contentment, remember to give a little nod to the chaotic sequences and situations that got you there. Because the part of you that’s yearning for order will, surprisingly, yearn just as much for the wild ride of yesterday.

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