bordered by possibility

As we release what holds us back, new possibilities break through the barriers of our minds, carried on the winds of change into the open expanses of the future.

We all carry pieces of our past with us wherever we go. Memories, relationships, ideas, regrets – they cling to our minds and hearts, weighing us down. But how freeing it would feel to release those anchors and float unrestrained into the future. To cut away what no longer fits and make space for what is to come. It is a difficult process, dropping the familiar for the unknown. But staying stuck prevents growth. We must accept that we cannot control how others see or appreciate our efforts. Comparison and expectation breed only disappointment. Our talent and purpose may remain hidden for now – or change entirely as we change. And clinging to what was can obscure what could be. So examine closely what still serves you and what has outlived its purpose. Do not hold on out of pride or habit alone. Sweep away the clutter to find clarity once more. Close one chapter fully before beginning anew. It is not a rejection of the past, but an embrace of reinvention. From the ashes of what we release rises the phoenix of who we are becoming. Change is the only constant. We must learn to flow freely with its currents rather than fight futilely against the tides. In clearing out stale leaves, new blossoms find sunlight and room to unfold. The border of a mind expands with each liberation we grant ourselves. Freedom requires leaving some things behind; the reward is an open path ahead, bordered only by possibility.

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