the true north

On the edge of thought, the traveler pauses to ponder paths branching in the distance – visions of what may come into focus as understanding expands on the journey within.

We all have internal landscapes that we brave in our search for meaning and purpose. Winding paths lead us through valleys of doubt and hills of discovery as we explore who we are and why we are here. There are no maps for this terrain, only what we find before us at each turn. The way is rarely direct. Dead ends, detours and delays will come as tests of our learning and resolve. Ideas we held as guiding stars may fade or shift as our understanding grows. Challenges arise not to halt our progress, but to strengthen our grasp of the lessons in our grasp. When we emerge from these periods of reconsideration, our vision is sharper and our steps surer.

Though lonely at times to travel inward, solitude allows deep listening to the quiet whispers of intuition and truth. Away from external noise, we can discern the still, small voice within guiding us towards our place in the larger whole. Answers that seemed simple grow complex, helping us see with wider wisdom. Questions that perplexed find clarity as perspective expands. The journey has no finish point, only deeper understanding of the scenery and ourselves with every mile. We travel not towards some distant end but into an unfoldment without end. As long as we walk open and willing to learn, the path evolves to nurture our growth. Though the way may dim at moments, light finds us when our focus turns again to wonder over wonder already gleaned. Ever onward leads ever homeward in the adventure of becoming.

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