change, a constant in life

No season lasts forever. The greatest gift is learning to flow wholeheartedly with life’s eternal reinvention.

Change is a constant in life, whether we like it or not. As much as humans naturally crave routine and familiarity, nothing ever stays the same forever. Jobs shift, relationships evolve, new phases of life begin. Even our own bodies and minds are always changing, day by day.

A lot of the time, change just gets imposed on us without any say. A global pandemic upends everyone’s lives overnight. You get laid off from work unexpectedly. A loved one passes away, altering your family forever. In these cases, we have no choice but to face the change head on and adapt as best we can.

Other times, we are the ones who initiate change in our lives, even though it’s still difficult. We decide to go back to school or switch careers. We end an unhealthy partnership. We move across the country for a new opportunity. Any bold life transition is challenging and requires adjustment.

No matter what generates the changes coming our way, one thing is certain – resistance only makes it harder. Yes, upheaval often sparks fear, worry, grief for what’s ending or being left behind. Those feelings are unavoidable and healthy to process. But fixating on resisting the changes underfoot just breeds more negativity and stress.

The wiser path is to make room for change. To accept its inevitability with as much grace as possible. This doesn’t mean we can’t experience sadness or anger over changes we didn’t want. It simply means meeting the new reality with open palms instead of clenched fists.

When we embrace change, we give ourselves space to identify the opportunities within it. The chance for positive new growth, even if it arises from something difficult. We stop wasting energy railing against the circumstances and start directing that energy toward adapting in a mindful way.

Change also gets easier when we cultivate flexibility as a core value. Nothing is permanent, so training our minds to be nimble and open to life’s shifts sets us up for more resilience. We become curious about what wisdom or perspective the new circumstances have to offer.

Of course, there are healthy ways to seek routine and familiarity too. Our stories, rituals and relationships can provide stabilizing continuity through life’s seasons of change. But ideally we hold them with open hands, knowing we’ll need to release and reform them at times too.

What I’m outlining in short is that, while change can be painful and disruptive, it also contains the seed of growth and transformation. It’s a potent reminder to cherish and appreciate what we have right now, while being ready to embrace and flow with what lies ahead, even when unpredictable. The only constant is change itself – may we meet it with courage, wisdom and an open mind.

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